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Not Alone

I am 34 years old. I was sexually abused by my ex-step-father for nine years. It ended 20 years ago, and I am only now comfortable and very passionate about using my experience to help others in some capacity. I am only very, very recently learning about ways that I may be able to do this, and am looking for more avenues to help and contribute in some fashion. I feel like my experience would be a complete waste if I did not use it to help others somehow. The abuse began when I was four or five and lasted until I was 14. At age 17, I had a psychotic break and was hospitalized and put into residential treatment for many months. Eventually I got out and tried to commit suicide and got put back into the hospital. I was given up to the state of California as a ward of the court during… Continue reading »

From Cecilia

To all the women who have been in the Linor Documentary, it has been a privilege to meet you and work with you. You are all so eloquent and so brave for coming forward and being willing to speak out. And to everyone participating in Operation Freefall tomorrow, have a great jump and we’re really looking forward to being at Skydive the Ranch! Love from, Cecilia

My story and this amazing documentary film

I was raped when I was 17. It has been 23 years and I am still effected every single day. I was set up with this man by a very close friend of mine. She said she didn’t really like him, but maybe I would. I agreed to meet him at his house which was about a mile away from mine. It was early (about noon) and I took the bus to his house. I rang the bell and he answered (I recently remembered that I felt fear at the moment he answered the door and something told me not to go in, but I did anyway). After about 2 minutes he said he wanted to show me his trophys. I followed him back to the room and we stepped inside. He closed the door and then stood in front of me. He started to kiss me and I was very surprised at this, but… Continue reading »

Do I say thank you?

I was not sure if I was ready to talk about that night. I haven’t really shared details with very many people. It was my deceased mom’s birthday and I was over my aunts house for a mini celebration. I went to visit one of my friends at Applebee’s. Then it happened. I was abducted. In my own car. silly me not to lock the doors after I got in. I was told to get over and not say a word. I will not get into details but we drove around for what felt like hours. Then he stopped at what used to be one of my favorite parks. I was raped. When he was done he made me drive him home. Can you believe that? I did not know it was his home at first. I found that out later on. I was really out of it and could not remember where i dropped… Continue reading »

Thank you for speaking out…

I would like to first of all, praise all the women who’ve shared their stories on this website. It is a brave thing to discuss a topic so horrific and traumatizing. Speaking from personal experience, I know what kind of strength and courage that is needed to do such a thing. I would also like to thank Linor for her efforts and her cause. I was raped over 3 years ago by two guys I barely knew. I was on a date with one of them and after 3 drinks, I blacked out and did not remember the rest of the night. I believe I was drugged because I spent the following day sick to my stomach. Bits and pieces of the night came to me and I do remember having sex with the both of them. I knew in my head that I didn’t want to. All I thought that night was that I… Continue reading »

Survivors of Continuous Events of Sexual ABUSE

I am 23 y/o of Multiracial Ethnicities, Filipino-Spanish-American. Struggling w/the issue of being multiracial and identifying my sexual identity. I am a survivor of 10 years of child incest/rape by my father from 6-17 years old. I was date raped again by a friend in college, he brought alcohol over, we watched a movie, he had sex with me while pushing my head down on the pillow, as I was telling him to stop. I was raped (fingered) by another guy after college. I told him I didn’t want to have sex but he kept on pulling my pants down. I felt dirty, used, abused, objectified. My dads best friend was a cop and also another uncle of mine had also fondeled me when I was young. I am ANGRY. And am in the process of Re-GAINING my Freedom, Control over my body and life. I am 23 years old and I am a survivor…. Continue reading »

Rape…..or not?

Eleven years ago, when I was 16, I was raped. Or that’s how I seem to remember it. You see, I wasn’t held at knifepoint. I wasn’t pushed onto a dirty mattress. I didn’t have my clothes ripped off. I wasn’t even crying. My young self let things go “too far” with a man I barely knew. The next thing I knew, he was having sex with me and all I remember saying is, “I don’t think I want to do this.” That should be enough to consistute rape, right? I’m not so sure. I didn’t push him away, but I laid there lifeless waiting for it to be over. Was I raped? Over the last eleven years I’ve gathered strength from reading and hearing stories from other friends and strangers that have been raped, including my best friend Jennye that has been contacted for this documentary. She screams her rape from the rooftops and… Continue reading »

i am glad this is here

I don’t have a story, but I am glad the site is here.