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Short Story

Skipping the details, my first High School boyfriend got tired of going slow, and forced himself on me during a date. I told most of my friends that it happened. Forewarned, on dates, two of my close friends were wary of him, and avoided the same fate. At least, breaking Silence saved a few more Shared Stories. — Survivor, age 19

Family Party

We went to a family party. After eating and watching his siblings play, he wanted to go inside and relax. We were laying in bed and he started to touch me. It hurt and it made me feel uncomfortable and scared. I told him to stop, and he smirked at me saying, “I know you want it”. He continued even after I repeatedly told him to stop. I had to push him off me in order for him to stop.

Friends are sharing

Sharing is big today, so I am. I was on a date, and he parked, and tried to have sex. I got mad, and said I’d walk home if he didn’t stop, and he keeps trying, so I walked off. On the way home, 2 guys grabbed me and raped me behind the bushes. They took my virginity, and I got pregnant and dealt with it. — Survivor, age 19

It never seems like Rape to me

Let me start with a Thank You to Linor, the ladies at Brave Miss World, and the Women who Post. Sometimes it could be a small thing, but being there effects so many! I was 10, almost 11 when it happened. I was very well developed for my age, actually, any age! I was playing at my friend’s family home, and it had just stopped raining, and most had gone outside. Her mother had moved out, and they were in the process of divorcing. I found out later that she had been caught cheating. I had to use the bathroom, and when I left, her father was waiting and asked me to come into his room. I don’t know what I expected him to want, but I guess I was too young to think that way. He played with my body, and then took off my clothes. He told me to lie on the bed,… Continue reading »

An older, popular boy

I was 14, an eighth graders and he was 16 turning 17, a junior in hs. He was very popular in my town and was liked by all the girls. He messaged me on Facebook and we hit it off. He lived a few houses down from me so we would hang out often. We started dating and one day we were at his house alone when he asked if I wanted to have sex. I was still a virgin (he wasn’t) so the question caught me off guard. I really didn’t want to because we just started dating and I wanted to save my virginity for someone I loved. After i told him that, he just kept pressuring me and trying to guilt me into it by saying things like, “I could be with any other girl right now but I’m with you so you need to sacrifice too.” I didn’t want to seem… Continue reading »

Junior Prom

Asked out to Junior Prom is supposed to be Great, am I wrong? This guy was not my choice, and I mainly went to, basically Go. I was in a new dress, hair, and lots of make-up. We had a dismal time there. He said a lot of creepy things. I mostly hung out with the girls. Pretty much we were in the same room. His only advantage as a man was he had a car, and it was a long ride from my house there, and a longer one to go home after! He stopped in the lot of some closed stores. He demanded to make out for his trouble! He thought that was his right, because traditionally you were supposed to lose your virginity at the Junior Prom! I pointed out that was the Prom, it’s not a Requirement, and I am not a…..Interested. He leaned over to kiss me, and I kissed… Continue reading »

Just Violated

I need to post here. I read your posts with a friend who needed to heal, and now I need to heal. A stranger grabbed me in my garage, took my purse for money, and violated me. I am hurt, physically hurt, mentally hurt. I was opinioned that she was off guard when her attack occurred, while I was alert at all times. I find I was unable to defend myself. I have a boyfriend, who had our first discussion of having a next level relationship. I don’t know how he will react. It might be minor in consideration, but I am extremely tired, but if I lay down, I won’t sleep. I flashback if I lay down. How soon is too soon? What if. what if, what if. The same what if others ask. I’m sorry, I am not brave. I am scared. – Diane, age 31

Cradle to the grave

At 10 I was molested by an evangelical preacher/missionary who was supposed to be my “house parent” in a boarding school in Quito Ecuador. Speaking up did nothing. My family and the church brushed off my story. It was only my fellow boarding schoolmates, many years later, who believed me. Now living in a 55+ community I was approached by an old guy in the gym who made a comment about the butterfly on my tee shirt. If I jump up and down, he said, “it would flap its wings.” I guess he thought that was funny. So, I fear it never ends. Like my schoolmates, women must support each other. — Irma, age 77

Did I ask for it?

It is about three years ago now. I was in New York visiting my best friend. One night we were out at a nightclub after several of drinks. When we arrived at the nightclub we drank some more, and a guy bought me a drink. Suddenly everything is black. I do not know if i was drugged or not, and i have experienced blackout before, so it could also just be the alcohol. The next thing i remember is that i was alone, without my best friend, because she had went back to the hotel. I was now with another guy, on the way to his car. Then i remember we flirted and i think we were making out. The next thing i remember was him over me, and that i got to my sences and did not want to have sex with him. I remember that i was so drunk that i just lay… Continue reading »

Was it rape?

My boyfriend and I are both 17. One night i threw a party at my house. There was obviously drinking and lots of people. My boyfriend never drinks so he’s never gotten drunk before. We were both drunk and fooling around in my room alone. I was fine doing whatever as long as my underwear stayed on. When we’re sober he’s really nice and constantly asks me if I’m comfortable and stuff but this time he was pressuring me to take them off. Giving in the the pressure I took them off. As a joke my friend brought a condom so he started looking for it in my room then put it on. Since i was very drunk i don’t remember 100% what i said but I’m pretty sure i said that i didn’t want to have sex and said no lots. He kept on saying something like come on you’ll never know if you… Continue reading »