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It was my first love, my first sexual relationship. I gave him everything and broke down all of my walls for him. It was the anniversary of a very hard day for me, and he poured me a glass of wine to share. He insisted I drink more. After we were “cuddling” but he wanted to have sex. I said no, but eventually cracked and let it happen. I told him the entire time. I was uncomfortable but he just kept going. I was crying that I didn’t want to get pregnant the entire time but he just kept going. I feel violated and sick and I need to know I am not alone. I don’t even know what happened to me and I can’t even think about it without dissociating. — Survivor, age 19

Ride from the Concert

I had tickets to a concert, and took a good girl friend. While there, we hooked up with 2 guy friends. We did a few recreational pharmaceuticals, more than a few. They offered to ride us home, and we went, why not? Well, they pulled into a park, and the guy was pawing my friend, and she was laughing and responding until he started to undress her, and she started objecting. At this point, the other guy turned on me, and pushed me down in the seat. As my friend was being raped in the backseat, laughing about it, I was yelling RAPE! in the front, while he forcibly penetrated me. The results were the same. They dropped us off at the train, and drove off. She turned to me in the reality of just being raped, and screamed in frustration. She stayed at my house, being alone was not an option. — Autumn, age… Continue reading »

Raped Multiple Times

I am an Indonesian, and I was in my third year of college when I was raped, by a good friend who had been a my friend for around 3 years. We hung out a lot back then, mainly because both of us needed some companies while doing our final thesis. Once I was in his place, it was over midnight and the rain was pouring. I could barely see the road. Not being able to go home, he offered me to stay the night. I hesitated but had no other choices. I didn’t feel quite sure why I decided to stay, but I ended up staying. He kindly lent me his tshirt and boxers for me to sleep in. We were just chatting while watching some cables. Then he started to approach me closer. Seeing his intention, I tried to politely declined. Yet he insisted and started to corner me. He grabbed my upper… Continue reading »

I was drunk

I was 19, i was at an acquaintances flat with a friend as he invited us round, persisted to offer and pour us more drinks which i thought nothing of at the time. I ended up wasted and was taken to bed, then i wake up some hours later to find him on top of me having sex. I never consented to this, i was passed out for christ sake. Because i was so drunk i was reluctant to tell anyone yet alone the police because i didnt think they would believe me, my friend and mum prompted me to tell the police which i felt i needed to do to protect anyone else this could happen to although i was terrified. I went to court and had to sit there whilst the judge asked me questions about my past sex life and even divulged into my facebook messages with friends saying how drunk i… Continue reading »

Beyond a story

Dear Linor, I attended your movie showing in Monaco this past weekend. The irony was I attended thinking I was going to see a Princess Grace movie. Something light, beautiful, and with a story. I attended to honour Princesse Grace who is in the hearts of everyone she has touched. Instead, I watched a story unfold that was far from light. It was intense, real and inextricably beautifully revealing moment by moment. The story goes beyond a story. It may be a movie, but each chapter shares the heart, soul, pain and fear counter pointed with family, support, love, friendship and kindness. I didn’t say hello in person. I said hello in silence. In awe of your strength and admiring your lovely sense of humour. I was waiting for the advice and you shared it. Face it and you can leave it.

I did Not need to know this

Youngest of 3, and I was the most outgoing. I was into sports and clubs, and after school church activities. I came home from field hockey, all sweaty and stinky, and needed a shower like no tomorrow! I went straight in and to my room to get a change of clothes, and someone was in there already! It was my older brother having some heavy sex from the sounds of it, and her legs in the air. Strange that he was in our sister’s bed. He was in our sister! I needed to get out of there! I showered and came back in a towel, and knocked Loudly. I needed clothes to change into, and Yes, I saw that! I don’t want to hear more about it! She talked to me about it later. She told me they were looking at some adult stuff, and he forced himself on her. She was ultra embarrassed at… Continue reading »

Mistaken Identity

Drunk at a party, I guess one of the most common phrases in the stories. I passed out on the couch, with my head on a good friend’s shoulder, and he was equally passed out. When I awoke, we were still on the couch, but I felt funny. My bra was a bit off, and I felt sore down south. Investigating, by panties were inside out, and I found semen. I woke my friend up, and asked him how could he rape me while I was unconscious! He claimed to know nothing, and I refused to believe that! Needless to say, we were no longer friends, and I told everyone! Never stay silent, Right? He got a bad rep, and lost dates from those that heard. Someone heard and e-mailed me a trio of pics. Aside from showing me being graphically raped on the couch, it showed the rapist could not be my friend, who… Continue reading »

#MeToo I am 1

Entertainment has no monopoly on the casting couch. I was at an upper class party, selling a new company division, rather than just 1 product. I had a dress I couldn’t afford, and borrowed jewelry. A new agency engaged to sit my daughter, and I stopped to pray at my husband’s gravesite. I was up to be the first female Vice-President in the company. Nailing this sale would clear the last of our debts, my daughter could go to the school I wanted, and I could have the self-respect I needed so much. If you have never been to a Good-Old-Boys Club gathering, a woman has to look good, converse, joke, party, more than twice as well as the gentlemen. I brought my ‘A’ game, becoming one of the centers of attention. I also was flagged for a ride home early, though I kept my willpower to not blow the game in the ninth. When… Continue reading »

Molested by my biological father

When I was almost 10 years old my father started molesting me. He would come into my room and pretend he was there to help me fall asleep but all he was doing was touching me. I’m crying right now just remembering how scared, dirty, defenseless I felt every night. For eight years I felt like this. I was always afraid to go to bed because I knew that he would follow me. I never told anyone but I am sure my mom knew what was going on. I remember one day when I was 11, my sister and I were sick and we fell asleep in my parents bedroom watching tv; I was woke up in the middle of the night by my am dad touching me. This is how I know my mom knew, she was in that same bed! As I grew old enough to know the situation and to understand that… Continue reading »

Took Me, Took my Wedding

Bachelorette parties are for misbehaving, and I went to my friend’s and misbehaved, but only so bad. I got very drunk, and couldn’t drive, and it was rainy, turning to thunderstorms, so when it came time to go home, my fiancé was still at work, so I called a friend to drive me home. We got caught in the rain, and a bit wet before getting in, and I thanked him for that I would have gotten absolutely soaked getting home. As it was, I had an almost see-through blouse as it was. He looked at me king of hungry and offered to help me out of the wet things. Then he was on top of me, and we were having sex on the living room floor. I didn’t want it, and was faithful, until then, but once he started, I didn’t have a way to get him to stop. When he was finished, he… Continue reading »