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Case Closed

My situation could have been far worse than it was and because it wasn’t, it is sometimes viewed as not being “that bad.” However, for me, what made it “that bad” was that, one, I wasn’t believed and two, the case was closed before it was even open because of his occupation. I was sexually assaulted when I was 11, several months shy of my 12th birthday. I was well-developed for my age and although I looked older, I was still a child. A friend, who was a year younger, and I were walking across our elementary school parking lot one afternoon as we took a walk around the block; we were literally just around the corner from our homes in a safe and wonderful neighborhood. The lot faced a fairly busy street and had 2 ways to get in and out. A turquoise car pulled into the lot and pulled up close to us…. Continue reading »

Wouldn’t take no for an answer

I was hanging out with my friend and his friend we were all watching a movie and hanging out. Then my friend went upstairs, and he came and sat next to me. He kept asking me to do things to him. I kept saying no but he just kept persisting. Then he started touching me and wouldn’t stop. No matter what I said he wouldn’t stop. He wouldn’t go or leave me alone. I didn’t know what else to do. I felt so alone. Then he raped me. I don’t think he even knew he was raping me. I just wanted to leave, and go somewhere. Anywhere other than there.


Today is the day that I have to face my fears. I don’t know how to start but I know that I have to tell my story for even one person who has been through the same things and thinks that his story doesn’t count. Just like I did some months earlier. Through my life as a young adult know I have been groped a couple of times something that it can be seen as a typical guy thing and I have had guys teasing me about some creepy sexual stuff. I believe that these things have not traumatized me because I was not that young but Even now years later I remembered the one time I was a teen and someone touched me. It ruined me. It changed my personality. Made me lost trust in men and people in general. Made my anxiety appeared. For years I thought that this event is something similar… Continue reading »

Sexual assault/ sex trafficking

My name is kat, I am 17 years old and this is my story. 2 years ago on January 16th, my best friend brought me to a house in Arlington Texas. The owner of this house was a man named Timothy burns, (he does not deserve to be anonymous.) A 43 year old that my once friend had met on a sugar daddy website in which he lied about his age claiming he was 23. We had taken an Uber in which he paid for, knowing we didn’t have transportation, being 14 at the time. Once arriving, he smoked weed with us and insisted we drink. That night he raped us both and the next morning paid us both $500. And with that we left. I understood what happened, but not in the way I should’ve, two weeks after the incident, I sat in class when a police officer came In and called me out…. Continue reading »

What To Do IF You’re Not Raped By A Person of Celebrity?

I am writing, because none of the other 120 media people I contacted thought I was worth a moment of their time to respond. I am truly grateful for the “Me Too” movement that is spreading across our Country, and for the first time, America’s focus is on women who are survivors of sexual assault. It’s laughable that sexual assault on a female covers everything from an unwelcome touch, to a woman being raped, that just shows how little government thinks of women. I am so tired of Trump and his mindless minions belittling Dr. Ford, as well as other women who are courageous enough to come forward and have her voice heard and put a face on the word “rape”. I watched the questioning of Dr. Ford, and ran a gauntlet of emotions. Anger. Fear. Sadness. I cried. I yelled at the television. I cheered for the democrats who spoke. And with respect to… Continue reading »

Date rape

I just turned 18 on the day I moved into a dorm at Rutgers New Brunswick I was invited by a senior to his dorm room to drink wine and hang out Who still lives in a dorm as a senior? Without being a officially a dorm rep I was young and innocent and I tried to leave but was sexually forced I felt so stupid and guilty because I put myself in that position I am now 55 and it still haunts me but never said a word because I thought it was my fault for going into a boys room

Dear Convicted Sex Offender (Finally)

While I’m sorry that you added more victims to your list, I’m glad that finally at least one of them had the courage to speak the truth and land you on the Sex Offender Registry. I’m glad that the laws have changed in 41 years and your actions have a bigger penalty now. I’m glad that victims are taken more seriously now……. I’m very glad that schools must now report suspicions of sexual abuse rather than chalking it up as a vivid imagination. You were my (step) dad and I was only 6 years old. Your punishment for me peeing the bed was way beyond what any rational parent would do. I had an accident and instead you exposed me to tons of pain and trauma. Looking back now, my behavior a couple years later should have been signs that would suggest I was sexually assaulted in my past. No normal 9 year old would… Continue reading »

The secret

I was 15 years old dating a 20 year old named Scott. One day Scott asked me to hang out at his house and picked me up on his motorcycle. I went there and his friend Vernon was there. Within a few min of arrival, the two of them threw me on the couch and wanted to rape me. They held me down ripping at my clothes laughing at me and I was petrified beyond. I said I had to go to bathroom bad they let me go and I locked myself in the bathroom and climbed through bathroom window and went on the roof and was so horribly scared. After yelling at me to come out of bath, they eventually quieted down and said they would not attack me. I exited bathroom and was shoved by boyfriend Scott then he brought me Back to the neighborhood store where he had picked me up. I… Continue reading »

Attempted rape

I am 67 years old now. When I was in college I went on a date in my sophomore year of college with a graduate student. He invited me to his off campus apartment for dinner. When I got there, he offered me a drink of wine, when I accepted. He said he was going to get comfortable and make dinner. He went into the bathroom and came out only with a towel and a towel, an erection, and a condom on. He sat next to me and started rubbing my shoulders which made me uncomfortable. He then started kissing me and pushed me back on the sofa. I asked him to stop and he reached for my underwear. I started to fight and he held me down and called me a “cockteaser”. I kneed him and he ripped my shirt. I managed to get to the door and run out. What saved me was… Continue reading »

Just little girls

I was a toddler; my sister 3 years older. While my parents were drinking with the wife, the husband “Ray” messed with us in the back room, and out in a garage. He got in there. For me, since I was only 3, I did not understand what was happening. My sister did. For that, she has been date raped in her life and took orders from men. I, on the other hand, have become an Amazon. An added note: I worked for the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. Almost every woman I met was sexually assaulted in the military. Some brutally. And what happened? They were ostracized and thrown both literally and figuratively into a garbage dump. — Nancy, age 69