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I said YES

Daniel and I were dating for a couple of months, and there was some good chemistry. On that night, I was interested, no basically decided, what I wanted for the end, or overnight. We had a nice dinner, and a really adrenaline packed movie, and I was worked up. When we got back to my place, I was most afraid he would want to kiss me and call it a night. When he said he wanted to come in, my heart was going, and my palms sweaty, like it was my first. I hung my jacket on the hooks, as he closed the door behind us. I turned smiling coyly. He grabbed my legs around the knees and knocked me to the floor, landing on top on me, between my legs! I went to talk, and he wheeled a fist back to punch! He ripped my dress, my bra, and matching panties, enough for access…. Continue reading »

Sexual assault

it always happened when my religious teacher would come to my house to teach me. he came every single weekend and he used to touch me everywhere. he’s hit me before so much and he was soooo scary. he’s tried to rape me once before but he’s done things just as painful i think. i can never tell anybody because he’s supposed to be religious and a very high man. i feel violated and i hate my body even more now.


This entire movement has really made me reflect on past experiences and made me realize that there are so many women and men out there that have been through the same thing. I remember my first job at a small restaurant where I was working as a hostess. I was there for about 3 weeks when I noticed one of my co workers always stare at me and mouth things to me.. one day I was walking out of the kitchen and I feel his hand go under my dress and grab me… I was 15. I was so scared I just left work right then. I told my manager the next day that I was quitting and that was the reason why. Once I left I found out he never got fired. — Survivor, age 20

I Never Thought This Would Happen To Me

I was raped by someone who I met while out at a club. He was dumb enough to show me his driver’s license, though. How dumb is that? Anyway, I was with a group of friends and somehow we decided as a group to go to this guy’s house and rest for a while before heading home (we had about an hour and half’s drive ahead of us and I was exhausted). My friends left me in this guy’s bedroom with him and the guy that drove us all to the club (one of my friends knew the guy, let’s call him Ben, that drove us to the club, but I didn’t know him prior to him driving us–he is now a great friend and my roommate). When Ben would leave the room, the other guy, let’s call him Robert, started touching me and eventually r*ped me. I was so tired that after he initially… Continue reading »

Employer rape

I was sixteen and working at a dry cleaners. The man I had worked for was like a father to me, but he was transferred to another shop and the owner gave his job to his nephew who was late twenties, early thirties, I’m guessing. I was struggling and pregnant. I wasn’t married yet and the burdon of my pregnancy was still a secret. I cried at work one day and my new boss took this opportunity to draw me into a supposedly friendship. His name was Richard Cohen. He asked if I’d like to a movie that evening and I said yes. I don’t remember everything but I remember he parked his car across the street in a store parking lot. I remember he drove to a motel and said it had get something and asked me to come it. I can’t believe how naive I was. Inside he wanted me to sit on… Continue reading »

Be Aware

A girl I date recently came forward to me about 2 occurrences. I really don’t know how to feel about it all because she is a victim of rape but she also put herself in each situation it occurred. The summer after her freshman year of college she went to Europe for two weeks. She got way too intoxicated before clubbing. At the club she was wasted and apparently made out with 8 older men, the bartender and snoop into VIP. Her friend she was abroad with told her to chill out and she said no and continued to do the same activities. Frustrated her friend left and went back to the hospital. The next morning she woke up without her underwear on and with a lollipop in her hand. She didn’t remember anything except getting in a taxi after the club. Later that day, people who she shared the room with told her that… Continue reading »

Me Too!

My name is Raymond and it is time to share my experience as a child. At the age of 10 or 11 years old. I was sexually molested for about 2 or 3 years. was introduced to a man who just came out of the Vietnam War. His name is Michael Patten. He was the son of one of my mother’s drinking partners and her name was Barbara Patten. She would come over our house and her son would come over to visit me. My mom thought it was a good idea for me to have a older man for me to be my mentor. He would come over and pick me up and take me places like the beach, drive-in, and just a few fun places to go. During the times we went out, he would take me to the back roads so I could drive his car. I thought it was a big… Continue reading »

The Night That Changed My Life

How nice to know that within the next 7-10 years you will never have touched me. How devastating to know that 5 of you drugged then raped me after mixing something into my drink while I was using the bathroom. How horrible is it that my best friend, someone I trusted with my whole heart, left me in that house, with no one I knew. It was February 12, 2017 and I was visiting a friend at Bloomsburg University for the weekend. Friday night was a blast, and the beginning on Saturday night was even better. I had no idea that my life was going to change forever just a few short hours later. I was at a Frat party with my friends, enjoying myself, having a drink, and mingling with different people. Before I knew it, I was in an unfamiliar house with 6 guys and my “best friend,” and I needed to use… Continue reading »

Spring Break

Spring Break in Ft. Lauderdale. I was gang raped by 3 guys in my own room. My friends were my support, but I had to call it short and go home, and 1 friend did also to travel with me. I am one of the Too Many. — Jane, age 19

Everyone blames me

I’m an 18 year old female and I was raped last year. I’ve tried to put in the back of my mind and forget it ever happened but it’s so hard. Last year two days after my birthday I was walking home from work when a guy approached me and asked me how I was. At the time he seemed okay, he didn’t look dodgy, he just looked like a friendly guy. We had a genuine conversation until he asked me if I would have sex for £100. Of course I said no and attempted to walk away. He grabbed me from behind and dragged me into the woods that was nearby my home. As I was resisting he pulled out a knife and place the point on my back. I couldn’t do anything. He raped me in the woods and when he was finished he told me, I deserved it and that I was… Continue reading »