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My Fears Do Not Define Me

I stumbled on this site via Google last night while trying to find a place i could talk without been judged. I must say this place is full of strong women and men , reading their stories all night made my heart break countless number of time. I hope to find the strength to go over mine soon because i have so much to offer the world to be held down by such occurrence. Like i said i’m not ready to share my story but i feel sharing my fears may open the door for more truth. One of the things that scares me most is ending up with an abusive partner. I know as a young adult (i will be 20 in some months time) i probably should be worried about my career (which i am, really that’s how i cope most days) and myself but the thought of dating someone who may later… Continue reading »

I thought it was my fault

It was my senior year of highschool and we were finally headed to mrytle beach for senior trip. I was 17. We had “trusted” friends we were heading down with most being the popular boys of our school and only 4 girls including myself. I thought I could trust my friends, I thought I was able to let loose because I’d be safe. One of those days my friend and I decided to stay in the condo and drink because everyone was headed out. We drank to much and blacked out until late that day “once everyone arrived back”. Little did we know they had come back during our blackout. Nothing was said about this until we arrived back from our senior trip. I was notified shortly after that a video was circulating of me having sex with someone I was unaware of during the time I was blacked out. To this day I have… Continue reading »

We Need Peace Too

When I was 8 years old, I was molested by a stranger in bus. This experience made me afraid of men and boys in general, i did everything to be invincible, i kept a lot to myself. Some years later, i was almost gang-raped. They didn’t get to do the real thing but they did nasty things to me. This made me totally lose my self-esteemand identity as a young girl, i became the angry girl next door who hate hugs and eye contact. I’m sharing this because 12 years later i’m still that girl but with better coping methods. I hope i find peace someday, one day.

I got away

Recently I went on a date with someone I met online. He was charming, cute, funny and I thought he was kind. He invited me over for some drinks and dinner. We were having a good time and he decided to kiss me. I was excited and enjoyed our kiss until he tried touching my boobs. I immediately told him to stop and I didn’t want to do anything more. He kept telling me I wouldn’t have come over if I didn’t want it. I remember telling him I was sorry if I gave the wrong impression but I wasn’t comfortable and wanted to leave. When I kept trying to get up he kept pulling my arm to make me sit back on the couch and trying to pin me down. I immediately became fearful of the situation. I’ve told men no before but no one has ever ignored my discomfort. After trying to leave… Continue reading »

Being Done

My young childhood was mostly good. My mom, who did 80% of the parenting, died unexpectedly when I was 10. My dad attacked me from ages 12-15. My younger brother and I were in and out of the foster care system (we got sent back to him). Mercifully, we were kept together and we remain extremely close. We can finish each other’s sentences. In the fallout of foster care, my father stole any money my mother had left to me and my brother. The government says they are looking into it, but he is a millionaire with a superb legal team. We will not see any money from him, not even in child support that he can certainly afford. I am 22 today. I work out every day and eat right in hopes that I will be strong enough to never have to put up with that from anyone else ever again. I’ve gotten through… Continue reading »

God Saw You Kill My Two Little Friends

I grew up in the Appalachian mountains with incest and violence, I’m an Appalachian inbred Hillbilly, ain’t nothing wrong with that. People who write similar stories or movies most times are not an inbred Hillbilly which makes my story unique. At nine years old I was beaten and raped at gunpoint. My two card playing Hillbilly girlfriends were beaten, raped and shot in front of me. Uncles, brothers and cousins raped the girls. I want to educate the world that inbreds are not blue or have defects. I was born at 11:59 on December, 31, 1955, on New Year’s Eve in Indianapolis, Indiana, but was raised in the Appalachian mountains. I trained managers to be sphincters for thirty five years. I abandoned many homes to violent husbands. I gave birth to five children and people stole them like I’m a baby factory. Thieves took all my material belongings over and over and won’t give nothing… Continue reading »

11 Years to Justice

Thank you for letting me share because I hope I can bring some hope and encouragement for those still waiting for Justice. First I want to say how brave and strong everyone here is. Never forget that. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be here. In 1999 after a 8 year marriage of domestic violence I finally got out of, I then escaped into a short but horrific time on drugs. During this time being pretty naive to the game while going to buy drugs, I was kidnapped, held in a house for two days and brutally raped. The ER doctor at Charity Hospital in New Orleans said in my trial after 20 years of working in the ER she had never written a diagnosis of “Raped with deadly force” until my case… I sustained many injuries including a broken jaw and cranial bleed, many others I will not mention. The offender was immediately arrested. Three… Continue reading »


I was 8, becca my older sister was 13.She turned my daddy in for rape, we all went to the burnett bayland orphanage in Houston texas. The charges were dropped two years later when she ran away, and the rest of us were returned to daddy, where he did the same to me and my little sister. Who is to blame for this? I still wonder 50 years later, but the child welfare system did it to me. They set me up. How horrible it was and still is. — Nona, age 65

Rude awakening

Startled awake, I was staring at a shotgun pointed at my face. He told me in a rude term what he was going to do, and ripped my nightie pretty much off. He then pushed between my legs, holding the shotgun in one hand. To be honest, I didn’t notice his physical assault, as my full attention was on the gun, and his finger on the trigger, twitching as he pushed. I was most nervous as he climaxed, and almost pulled it. He stood and as he pointed the gun between my eyes, told me it was more than I deserved. Again he kept his aim with one hand, aiming his penis with the other. He then urinated on my face. I stayed quiet, not to irritate him to fire. He then ordered me to keep silent about this and not to call the police, or he would be back with the rest of the… Continue reading »

My Story

There’s something I need to say, but I can’t. I can’t say it out loud. Because if I did then it’d be true. It’d be real. I don’t want it to be real. I just want it to go away. But it’s not going to go away, it’ll never go away. It will continue to weigh on my heart, my conscious mind, my sub conscious, my every being. I need to let it go. I need to talk about it to finally be free of this and move on. It’s time to let this go. A while back I was seeing this guy. Someone I had met a few years prior to this event. He seemed like a nice guy, a good guy, and as we started to hang out more, I felt myself being comfortable with the idea of him possibly being my boyfriend. Something I never thought to consider before, I’ve been very… Continue reading »