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I’m 15 years old and I was raped about 4 months ago. He was 17 years old and I was still 15. I met him while I was in 9th grade now I’m in 10th. I remember getting a snapchat from him saying he had nothing to do on Monday and I told him we could go out to eat at like Taco Bell or something, so he said okay. Well when it was Monday, he texted me in the morning and told me to get ready so I did. He picked me up and we drove straight past Taco Bell because he said he left his wallet at home so we went to his house. He lives out in the middle of nowhere and he was driving on this long dirt road. He slammed on the breaks and I looked around and asked what we were doing here and he asked me if I’ve… Continue reading »

I Really Want To Forget About It

I got raped when I was 10 but I won’t he talking about it today. Instead I will tell you a different one. When I was seventeen, I met this guy online, he seemed really nice. We couldn’t meet cause we lived in different towns. I graduated and went to college. The same town he lived in. We met and we got a long pretty well. He asked me out and I said yes. He kept asking me to have sex with him but I said no. So one day he told me his cousin wanted to meet me. I agreed and went to see him we went into his cousin’s room there I met 2 other girls we chatted for a while and they all decided to leave. His cousin left but he locked the door from the outside. I told my boyfriend why he did that and he said. His cousin did not… Continue reading »

Ya perdoné pero nunca olvido

5 years ago I was raped sexually, today I only have the scar, I have healed but I have not forgotten and I will never forget it, I would love to help women, and because not even men who have been through this situation, it is not an easy path, it is not Easy to overcome but definitely after surviving and being healthy today I realize that it is worth continuing to fight for your dreams even when you have spent that sad nightmare, I admire you, I hope to be one day like you, open and talk What happens and help many people. — Survivor, age 35

To serve and protect, but who will protect me?

I am now 38 yrs old, a wife and mother of two. One of which is heading off to join the Air Force in about 7 months. On the outside I am happy and excited for my daughter, but on the inside I am petrified! Let me explain to you why. I joined the Navy when I was 19. I knew it was time for me to grow up and get out on my own. After completing bootcamp, I was stationed on a ship. I was scared and excited. The ship had gotten underway, and we had a squadron onboard. They go underway with us when we we have aircraft on board. I worked on the flight deck where all the excitement was! After being underway for a few weeks, I was asked by my chief to go down to the squadron male berthing(where they sleep) on day. So obeying my chief, I went down… Continue reading »

Once? Twice? Five Times?

I’m currently 16 years old as a junior in high school. I have had my best friend of over two years now, but he is very protective of me. He claims that I have been raped five times based on situations I have told him about, but I feel like that could also just be his opinion. I know one of the five were for sure, but the rest I’m not sure about what to think of them. The first time was the summer of 2013 right after my 13th birthday and before eighth grade started. I was no where near ready to lose my virginity or possibly have it taken from me. I was part of a volleyball club and I became friends with people there including a few boys, but there weren’t many boys so they were all around 15-16 years old. One day I went to one of the guys house that… Continue reading »

I Am Brave!

I am a rape survivor! My story started when i was 15 I was walking home from school when i felt someone grab and yank me back then i passed out, then i came to and i was on someones shoulder and had a blindfold on, i started to scream and struggle. He just laughed and hit my bottom. Then i passed out again and woke up in a dark room and tied up in a bed then i saw his shadow cover the whole door… i was so scared my little body can’t handle this, he came over to the bed, untied me and told to take my shirt off in a aggressive tone. I told him no. he said ” do it or i’ll cut you” so when i was taking it off i threw it on his head and tried to escape… he threw me down with his hand on my chest… Continue reading »

Black and Blue

My story is a little different than the ones Ive read. And for a long time I didn’t see it as rape because of what I was reading. I now realize that I was raped an I need to go forward. The first step is to share my story. I was very irresponsible in my first semester of college. I was 18 I attended a community college so the university life was unfamiliar to me. A friend of mine was in a frat so I was invited to many of their events (because I am a girl and they needed more at their events) I didn’t know this was why I was invited at first. I went a few times and knew everyone by name. I remember drinking and taking shots asking a trusted friend if he would take care of me because he only had two beers ( he only drank Corona and there… Continue reading »

Stronger Than You Think

i’ll try to keep this as short as possible. I’m a girl from Sweden. I’m 17 years old now and i have a horrible story of my life to share with you. The first time i was 14. I had just gotten into my first relationship (i know a Little to Young for that but i never had anyone that gave me attention or cared for me not even my parents.) he seemed sweet and funny but i was so wrong. Everything seemed fine at first but after 3 months he started to push me into sex but i denied him that because i was a Virgin and i did not want to lose it yet but one day in october (1 week after my 14 birthday) he lifted me up and carried me to his bed and forced himself upon me. I was so scared and i was in so much pain and shock… Continue reading »

Just a Kid

was 14 years old, I was walking home from school in the middle of summer, my dress went past my knees and was like a sack, there was nothing provocative about me. I stopped in at a bathroom at the local park. All I needed was to pee. I didn’t hear him enter, God I didn’t hear him. I came out of the toilet and there he was, he told me that he’d show me what happens to bad girls. I tried to fight as he grabbed me, but he pushed me backwards and I hit him my head so hard on the sink, I was stunned and that’s when everything happened, I cried and screamed but no one heard me, no one helped. I went home afterwards and showered about 6 times. I was dirty, I hated myself. I developed depression and EDNOS as a result. I was sick and dying from what… Continue reading »


I was 16, and my father was a month away from dying of stage 4 cancer. I lost my virginity earlier that year in what I feel is sexual assault as well. (I was drunk, the guy took advantage and brought me to a vacant room and had sex with me while half conscious) so, I was at another party. I had never gone to parties before my dad got sick, but since, alcohol has been a recurring vice for me. I was at a get together on a house boat with two girls from high school I really just went to parties with. There were 5 guys there and 3 girls, and tons of alcohol. We all got extremely drunk and I spent the night just having fun swimming with my friends and talking with everyone. It was getting late and we all smoked a blunt in one of the beds. I immediately passed… Continue reading »