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Hated Myself

I was 15 years old when I came from school waiting for a taxi to go home. Normally that taxi spot is always busy but that specific day there was a witness with no one in site when suddenly 3 guys came from across the road making as if they are also waiting on a taxi. They robbed me took my cellphone, money, jewelry… pointing a gun at me I was so scared to shout. The one asked me did I ever had sex and I said no…his reply to me was he will show me what sex is. He pulled me in the bushes pushed me on the ground pointing the gun at me if I shout he shoots me. He raped me. I was so in fear he might kill me. He felt me and ran away. I felt so dirty, hated myself thought it’s all my own fault. I reported it at… Continue reading »


About two years ago I went to my senior year party it was about twenty girls and about 30-35 boys, It was kind of awkward for me because everyone was there with somebody and I was there with my cousin and best friend. My cousin (female 17) left with her boyfriend and my best friend (female 18) went upstairs with her girlfriend. I wander around looking for a friend to take me home when I ran into my ex Messiah he had been drinking and wanted me to drive him home, I agreed because I lived two houses from him. I struggle to get him into the car but succeed, as I started driving he made certain remarks about my hair being different and how pretty I was. I brushed it off as the alcohol talking. When I got to his house I parked his car in his driveway then helped him into his house…. Continue reading »

Holding My Feelings In

I’ve been raped twice and attempted rape, which I was coerced into I stopped but it was still very much sexual assault. This is over the past few months. I’m jumpy can’t focus very anxious all the time sleep is when I can I try to sleep and have nightmares sometimes. I’m irritable and have lost a stone I’ve two infections. I did physical cleaning this afternoon. I was better whilst doing it. I’m having trouble even thinking it sounds daft. I’m doubting myself and avoiding meaningful conversations. Am trying to eat to improve my health. Until a few weeks ago, I was drinking when I was going out and overeating anything. I feel like crying sometimes. I live next door to the neighbor that attempted to rape me and they have thrown mad across my door. They bang a lot on the walls and when I was cleaning it off, I had my door… Continue reading »


Few years ago, I went overseas for my Studies. I was staying with my dad’s brother, my uncle who had bad drinking habits. I never get to know my dad’s family very well because they were living overseas. I was around 10 years old when I saw them last time. They were visiting us for 1-2 weeks that time. its been long time since i saw them last time, and now I was about to live with this family of my dad. Day comes, and now I was living with them. everything was good for first 1-2 months, but then things were changing especially my uncle. He was watching me each and every second I was in that house, while I’m sleeping, watching TV, or preparing my food, when I’m getting ready like all the time. He was like staring at me, I saw him making faces, blowing kisses, whistling and touching himself while he… Continue reading »

Its Got To STOP!

My story and experiences of what I’ve been enduring for over a year now is so fantastic that even I have a hard time getting my mind around it. I am a Caregiver that has worked for the same employer for almost 8 years now. She has a professional Conservator and a lawyer that keep very well insulated as far as her finances go. She is very wealthy, and is in very good physical health. She is 93 and has dementia. I am at her home with her 96 hours a week. My schedule begins on Monday at noon and I remain here at her home until Friday at noon. I spend the night here, and the total hours I am on-duty are 96 per week. I’m not sure where to begin, and trying to go over all the details and circumstances would take writing a book. I’ll try to just be as factual based,… Continue reading »

Newly Living Neighbour

I was living at a small unit for about 4 months, without any neighbours, until a man became my next door number, he knocked on my door introducing himself as my neighbour. At the time I didn’t think anything of it, as he was just being neighbourly, until one day I heard a knock on the door, and opened it to see if anyone was there, it was him he then ran into my apartment and made himself welcome and started to talk about his whole life story and religion, I thought to myself why is he telling me this, he then began sitting close to me, touching my knee, and rubbing my thighs, I was in complete shock, and told him to stop touching me now, then he went to grab both my boobs and female anatomy I was completely in shock, but luckily had my phone and began calling the police he then… Continue reading »

My Story

Hi all. This is my personal story. It’s taken me awhile to share it out in the open like this, but I believe it’s the next step in my healing. Ive read lots of your stories and it helps to know I’m not alone in the way I feel. I’ve told a handful of close friends and my counsellors but that’s it. I don’t think I can ever tell my family. It happened 2 years ago. One week before Christmas 2014. The holidays had always been a rough time of year for me…I grew up with an abusive alcoholic for a father. At this time I was 21, working 3 jobs, and walking home late one night form my 2nd job. I’d go from working as an aid at an elementary school during the day, to a daycare that I closed at 10pm during the week. I walked home because around that time I was… Continue reading »

A Guy With Crooked Teeth

I was molested and almost raped at seven or eight years old. My dad made me take judo classes when I was six because he wanted me to be able to protect myself. It’s a bit ironic that this happened in the judo-cabin, just weeks before I was going to try out for my new belt. The judo-cabin was a cabin where all the judo students from and near the area got together for a weekend of fun. Students in the age between six and seventeen came. That’s where I met him. He came with the oldest group of kids. He was probably sixteen or seventeen, but to me he looked like an adult. I only reached his stomach, that’s how tall he was, and I was pretty tall for my age. He had long, wiry arms and legs and long fingers. I don’t remember the color of his eyes, but he always had a… Continue reading »

2-4 am on January 15th

Its almost Cliche, the way it starts out. I was out clubbing with friends, got too drunk, and was taken advantage of. There was a pre-party, and I had three drinks there. Everyone else was going out clubbing, and i was unsure of what i wanted to do. A friend convinced me, and so I went. I had two drinks at the club, before he started buying me more. In those type of situations, i’ve learned from the world to be suspicious of a man like him buying drinks for a girl like me. But he was a friend of a friend of a friend, and he was buying drinks for others, and it didn’t faze me. From the last drink he gave me, to leaving his apartment, is more than just a blur. I remember feeling his hand on my wrist, pulling me through the streets. I remember him giving me more to drink… Continue reading »

You Can’t Trust Anyone

At the time he was my boyfriend of about 6 months. my first boyfriend in high school had cheated on me with my best friend, that relationship doesn’t hold much meaning to me because first loves to me can be first mistakes I was very young and should have seen it coming. But regardless I didn’t and I moved on. He was older, about four years captain of the basketball team I was a freshman in nursing school with a whole Future ahead of me. I had taken two online classes for him to help him pass his senior year of college. I refuse to hold myself accountable for being til giving because I will never discredit someone for being too giving. To give is to receive and I learned immensely from the process. It was a few months after he graduated I was soon to enter my sophomore year. His birthday was in early… Continue reading »