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I feel that I should be over the trauma, or the distress of being raped so many years ago. However, at times, 1987 seems like yesterday to me and reliving that day happens more often than I care to share. I lived in a very friendly, unpopulated and isolated part of the world. I owned a business and was returning from a day of purchasing for the store. There was a young man parked on the side of the highway with the hood of the truck open as though he was having vehicle trouble. I stopped to help and offered him a ride to the next telephone down the road. He got in my van and we drove down the road. At one point I noticed that he was moving strangely in his seat and the next thing I felt was a stab to my hand on the steering wheel. He had a small knife… Continue reading »


In 2011, I was fresh out basic training and attending technical school. Every weekend my friends and I would go out and have so much fun. After classes, the weekend was always something fun to look forward to. We never drank, we were under age so we were always completely sober. One night I was out at the club with all of my friends. There was a man who was very persistent in talking to me. I was very focused on my friends and not leaving them, until he grabbed me and took me from my friends. I was in disbelief that my own friends had not even stopped him after I asked for help. He isolated me by taking me to a place in the club where I knew no one and I kept telling him “I want to go back to my friends. I don’t know you and would like you to leave… Continue reading »

I Was Only 14

I was having fun at a friend’s sweet 16 party. It was held in a little “club” that was very popular. It was very hot inside and I had never danced that much in my life. I went outside to get a breathe of fresh air. A strange man was outside and started talking to me. He said it was too bad the streets didn’t have better lighting. I tried to turn around to go back inside and I felt him grab me – 1 hand on my mouth, the other arm around my waist. He pushed me into a large black car that was parked right in front. I don’t want to go into details, but he raped me at knife point, and then threatened to kill me if I told anybody. The thing that sticks out most of all is how he kept saying that I loved what he was doing, that i… Continue reading »

I Was 16

It has been with me since I’ve known. I’ve hidden it since it happened, or at least so I thought. The night it happened I will never forget. We went to a party, too young but yet responsible young girls. It was supposed to have fun fight. Something happened however. I was just turned 16. I woke up in a hotel room, could not find my clothes or purse. I was so sore I could hardly walk. I left the hotel and walked to the way of home. Having been gang raped at 16 years old, I walked for over an hour before I was offered a ride. Nobody was ever charged with my assault.

A Week Before 18th Birthday

I’m 45 and I am a Rape survive. After 28 years, at the end of this month on July 31st to be exact, in the middle of the night that my rapist broke into my house and into my room. He forced himself on me. Many years later, I have well come to accept that I’m a rape survivor…not a victim. I have have two teen age boys that I love from a man I kicked out 13 years ago because he was abusive and I had enough of that. And, yes, there is a new man in my life after 13 years. He wants to be with me and I like that.

When I Was Three

My story starts when I was three years of age. I was molested by a stranger in my bedroom while my mother was having a party. That’s when it all started. I remember my biological father use to take baths with me and bathe me. I was molested all thru my childhood on a regular basis. When my mother remarried I thought it would finally end, but her new husband molested me on a regular basis also. This continued until I was 13. I wore as much clothes as I could and dressed like a boy hoping it would detour the situation, that never happened. We lived in California at the time. My brother was sent to North Carolina to stay with our bio-father. He was gone for a year my bio-dad would not send my brother back unless I came to visit. (he had not seen me since I was 8 years old.) He… Continue reading »

Impacted Forever

I was a private duty nurse taking care of a very critical patient. I was very foolish and trusted the Son that lived in the home. He was very kind and caring. I had been working there for over 6.5 months. One day the Son and 2 friends came in and went into the Son’s room. They were in there for about 20-30 minutes. This was normal for him to have friends over for a while, so I didn’t think anything about it. After that one of the friends left, or so I thought. About 5 minutes later the phone rang. I answered it, which was normal. It was someone asking for the Son. I went to the bedroom door, knocked and told him the phone was for him. He asked me to hand it to him, which I had done many times before, but never had any problems. I took about 3-4 steps in… Continue reading »

Multiple Rapes

Dad’s dad grabs my breast and french kisses me when I am 11, 12 years old. Dad lifts me up above his head and drops me on the ground breaking my ribs and gets on top of me and won’t get off until I threaten to tell mom age 14. Age 16, a catholic priest approaches me sexually. Age 20, a Berkley university professor offers me a ride to my car after I get off at 2am from waitressing. He is a regular customer at the Solomon Grundy’s. He will not take me to his car, but to his apartment. I did not think he would take advantage of me, but he raped me and it was just after I had an abortion because my boyfriend did not want the baby, I begged him not to rape me but he did not care. I was 23 on Maui and had gone to a house warming… Continue reading »


I just watched your documentary yesterday and I am glad to see some one CAN speak out and hear people stories. I am a 46 year old French woman who was walking in the streets of upper west side of Manhattan on May 16th when a man dining outside a restaurant with two of his male friends talked me in to having a glass of wine with them. He is in his mid 60’s and looks rich, I thought I would seat down nod get to know them as I was bored and lonely in this big city all alone. I ended up in his apartment as he was begging about how fantastic the view was from his luxurious place and about his rare champagne from France….and I fell into his trap! I remember throwing up the minute I drunk his champagne and rushed to the restrooms to throw up! Then I woke up too… Continue reading »

We All Have a Voice

This is very hard for me to write this but after just watching this movie it brought me to tears and I realize now that more people need to speak out about this. When I was in grade 9, 13 years old, I was brutally raped by 2 men that I did not know. I was burned on the legs, a knife was taken and slid across my stomach resulting in a scar. The rape felt like it was never going to stop, at one point I remember just leaving my body. It is very hard to explain but if you have experienced a trauma like this you may understand what I am talking about. This was the first time I had experienced any form of sexual acts. I was only 13 and wanted to believe that evil did not exist. After the brutal rape I felt disgusting and ashamed as the two men got… Continue reading »