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Less than a Minute of my Life

I was jogging through Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, just like I did twice a week for years, listening to my tunes, in the zone. Suddenly he grabbed me, dragged me into the bushes, and threw me onto the ground cover of ivy. In a second, my pants were off, and he was raping me. The act itself took less than a minute, and he punched me in the stomach, taking off with my electronics and fanny pack. I found someone to call the police, and spent the hours giving statements and being examined. Except for some bruising and soreness, I wasn’t hurt too badly physically. I gave up jogging in the park, and payed for a health club. I caught myself moving to the farthest machine that was unused, or taking my time to not be running next to someone on the indoor track. I had a hard time accepting dates, or going somewhere alone where… Continue reading »


Growing up, I had a wonderful mother who was always around, and I had a father, who was never around but still visited twice a month. This father I had, he loved my little sister, he loved our whole family… except me. I don’t know what I did but, he just hated me. He was abusive, mean, and I showed up to school with bruises. I got made fun of for having too much foundation, but in reality, it was to hide the cuts and bruises on my face. As if that wasn’t enough, I was raped at school when I was 14. I was in Spanish and I had to use the bathroom, to do that I have to walk past the boys bathroom. 3 guys in my grade grabbed me from behind, I only got one scream out before the covered my mouth and dragged me into the bathroom. They covered my mouth… Continue reading »


I am a german girl, 20 years old. A few weeks ago I went skiing with my dad for a few days. After skiing we went to a bar for aprés ski where we met some guys from switzerland. We had a lot of fun and when my dad wanted to go back to our hotel I decided to stay with my new friends. We went to a disco about 1.5 kilometers from our hotel. I think it was about 1 o´clock when I became tired and wanted to go to bed. I decided to walk back to the hotel. Alone. There have been a lot of people in the streets but then I had to go through a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel there was a driveway to the garage of a hotel. Suddenly somebody grabbed my arm and pulled me back at the end of that driveway. I screamed but there… Continue reading »

A Nightmare

I had just broken up with my boyfriend who I found was cheating on me so I went out to a local bar to meet up with someone I considered a close friend who was the bar promoter. Hoping a night of fun drinks,dancing,a cute dress on would be simple way to distract myself from a broken heart. I remember having a few drinks, shots, seeing old acquaintances, then I have no memory. And the next morning I wake up next someone who looked similar to my friend as I was still disoriented but then I realized it wasn’t. When he got up to let his dog out that he was a stranger. Then to my surprise, another strange man comes into the bedroom and says good morning to me and wonders how and when I wound up in there with no explanation as to where I was before. I still wasn’t realizing what happened… Continue reading »


Until this happened, I had been a divorced, middle class special education teacher and mother. Nothing exciting. I had worked with students in gangs but had never even heard of MS13. R stripped me of my identity, I was apologizing, working on being more submissive, trying harder to please him, trying to avoid “trouble.” My ex husband knew something was wrong and was working with his parole officer. No contact orders were put in place between him and me and him and my daughter. They are in place now as part of his release from prison, but I made sure he knows I didn’t ask for them. I have been treated for PTSD and symptoms of Stockholm syndrome along with my depression. I have sought treatment multiple times inpatient, 4 times partial patient and intensive out patient, personal therapy, psychiatrist, medication, PTSD program daily for about 5 or 6 months, some meditation and aromatherapy, breathing… Continue reading »

Years later… meeting my rapist again

I was abducted when I was nineteen by an acquaintance who stalked me. I tried to report it to the campus police, but they just humiliated me. Also, It was an ordeal that I don’t really remember because he drugged me. But many years later, I moved to a new town, and then he appeared a few months later. He was in that town. He was a respected member of the leaders of that town. He called my name. When I pretended I didn’t know who he was, he said the date that he raped me. After that, I spent a few years feeling terribly afraid. I got physically ill with cancer. I had many flashbacks and realized that he had taken me to a gardening shed, that he had drugged me, that he invited others to come watch what he did to me and took video and photographs. I have had terrible dreams and… Continue reading »

School Rape

I was 8 and I was heading to the girls bathroom. I walked into the biggest stall because I always go for the most spacious. I walked in and locked the door. Three males older than me, (about two or three grades), crawled into my stall from the one next to me. I already had my pants down when they came in. I tried to get out but they had a knife and said if I made any noise they would kill me and I believed them. They pulled their pants down and it looked like their was a balloon on their man part. All three of them took turns raping me. Then they stopped and I was bleeding a lot. The older looking one said to me if I said anything I was dead. I never told anyone, not even my parents about it. It was hard sharing my stories but it feels good… Continue reading »


I have been raped multiple times. For the longest time I just acted like it wasn’t a big deal. I didn’t think about it and tried to forget about it all together. However, in reality, I was terrified. The time that scared me the most was when I was at a frat party with my friends. One of the guys took me into the bathroom where five other guys were. At this point they had already given me plenty of drinks and my memory is very foggy. I only remember bits and pieces. I can’t even recall what he looks like. I could be talking with him everyday and I wouldn’t even realize. That’s what scares me the most. He could come after me again and I wouldn’t even know it was him. He drugged me, brought me in a room with his friends, assaulted me, took me to his house, and then raped me… Continue reading »

I am More than a Victim

I was raped the summer before my sophomore year. I was at a party. I was dancing and talking to everyone that I came into contact with, I wasn’t drinking just having a good time. The friends I was with left to go get a drink and to go to the bathroom for what seemed like only a minute. Then this guy came up to me and started to flirt with me pretty heavily. I didn’t think anything of it. He was cute, I flirted back. He offered me a drink, which I denied, and told him I wasn’t drinking. He offered to go get me a Coke instead, and I accepted. He came back with an open can of Coke. I noticed it was open but I didn’t think anything of it at the time. Actually I thought it was sweet of him to open it for me… but he was far from sweet…. Continue reading »

Nobody Knew

My story starts on Canada Day 2014, I was 16 years old. The day went perfectly. I had my boyfriend with me, whom I thought was perfect in every way. He was older that me, so I thought I had a lot to compete with when it came to other girls and being around his friends. We spent the day celebrating with our friends downtown at the festival. I couldn’t have asked for a better DAY. We had decided to make our way to a local beach where there would be fire works to end off the celebration of Canada Day. We met up with some of his friends that had all been drinking and we joined them. We were both pretty drunk about an hour later. It was dark out at this point, and him and his friends were dancing around and smoking a joint. Tris (his nickname for this story) came up to… Continue reading »