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45 Years of Being the Victim

By 4 the molestation began by my younger brothers father…I told 8 it was still happening…I remember being so afraid that when I was asked..I denied it..what hurt the most is believing my mother knew..this molestation continued until he raped me at 11..afraid alone and in a new state because we had moved from our home town..I completely shut down..his touching continued until13 when I finally lost it and told…I was told I was a liar by my mother and anyone I tried to confide in she convinced to not believe me..I threatened to tell my teacher and she took me to the police department..there we were instructed we would be notified to come back to speak with a specialist…my mother hid the notification and soon after kicked me out at 14yrs old…Now all these years later my mother still hates me has tried to turn my own kids against my brother whose father it was has called tv talk shows wanted me to take lie detector tests.. ..I am outraged….all these years I had to deal with my own ordeal….ruining my whole life and to this day affects me…I am vocal since I came forth. I’m a survivor of childhood molestation…but some days just don’t feel like I’m surviving too,much….the worse is all these years later…..NOBODY STILL BELIEVES ME……when does it end?

— Survivor, age 48

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