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Gang Rape

Three years ago I was gang raped by three men, I was 13. It all happened when my mum was sectioned because she has bipolar and I had to live with my auntie for a while. It was just before Christmas and my auntie wanted to go to a friends party so to thank her for looking after me I agreed to babysit so she could go, she told me she’d be back for 12 so I did mind. It came 12 and she still wasn’t back so I started to panic a little, it turned 1 and she came back with lots off men that pushed their way into the house to “carry on the party” but just started smashing the kitchen up. I went into mummy mode and decided to make the girls barricaded themselves into their room and not come out until I fetch them. I went back to my room to hope to fall asleep and it all stop but then three of the men made their way up stairs and into my room and corner me, they held me down and raped me multiple times. After the 4th time, I blacked out and woke up 20 minutes later and the others were still smashing the house up so I rang the police but I never told anyone about the rape until last year. I wish I had told someone sooner.

— Shannon, age 16


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