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Life Purpose

I’m an Italian girl and I’m 21. I’m studying marketing at university but, besides my studies, I have a different purpose in my life. Linor’s story and movie were very eye and heart opening for me. I realized that what I wanna do in my life is not marketing, but helping and fighting against inequality and violence on women. I was really interested in this theme since I was 15/16, but I never managed to do something real related to it because I wasn’t totally aware of the hugeness of the inequality, violence and struggle that lots of women face everyday.

This movie, with all the stories it contains, has been such a trigger to me because I understood that I’ve gotta give my life and strength to those who really need it. I have to do what fills my heart and soul with true happiness. What I hope the most is that we all could be together in this war against that large part of society which doesn’t want to hear and to admit what is going on in this sick world, so that we can truly change something. We owe this to all men and women who suffered and are suffering.

I don’t even know how to begin now that I’m so touched and moved, but I hope this will be a long journey with a very happy ending.


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