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Living Nightmare

Two years ago at about 1am this guy texted me and wanted to come over. Ie said he had a bottle of vodka so of course like a stupid little kid (I was 15) I was like oh yea come over. My parents were sleeping upstairs and my brother was in the room next to me.

Anyway we drank some of that vodka and were laying in bed I don’t remember how it happened but I remember him taking my hand and putting it by his penis. I freaked out because I didn’t realize he was naked. He took off my shirt and bra and kept trying to take my pants while I kept saying no! All i kept saying was “no”, “stop it.” I was so weak and he was so strong. I kept scratching him and hitting him and maybe 10 minutes later he finally got the hint and stopped and left home. I was so damaged after that I turned to self harming, drinking, smoking, anything just to forget this nightmare that was actually my life.

Two years later, and I’m still depressed doing everything I shouldn’t be doing just because of that one night two years ago. Still think about it everyday.

— Anastasia, age 17

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