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The Stepmonster

I was only eight when it originally started. My stepdad would touch me in my crotch and chest area. He would only do it with my mom at work. He would even do it in front of my little sister, but he never did it in front of his son. He would show me pornography and tried to show me his genitals. I would run away to my room. He would do this by making me rub his feet or his back or his head. I finally confessed to a friend. Turns out, her mom’s ex boyfriend would touch her too. I never told my mom afraid that she would not believe me or ask my step dad about it which he might lie about. My friend has a temper, but she is the only person that believes me. I have told my story to every website I can. But it all seems like, the inappropriate touching is done by step parents. I guess they think since you’re not their creation then they could do whatever they wanted. I hate my stepdad. I still pray to God about it.

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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