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23 year old virgin

In 1996, I was attending graduate school and lived in my own apartment. I was 23 years old, a virgin, and a Muslim man from Ghana who played soccer on campus. One night, he entered my apartment, pinned me to the ground, and raped me. I saw white light and God said “this is not your body.” When I came to, he was at the door smiling down on me. I screamed, “I was a virgin!” I looked down at all the blood and took a long hot shower. I was shaking and felt cold. I was so angry and am still angry because I was a virgin. Twenty years later, that man was my doctor in the emergency room of another city. He bent over my bare chest and said “let me listen to your precious heart.” Tears rolled down my cheeks as I smelled him. He smells like the cologne TABU. I am born again and can honestly say that the experience brought me closer to God and out of this world into His Kingdom.

— Survivor | 23 at rape, today 44

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