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35 Years Ago

I had the pleasure of viewing your film this evening in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 35 years ago I was raped at the age of 25. My journey has not been easy as you and all the other amazing woman in the film so shared with us. I have never heard other woman talk so openly about rape including you. I cried, I relived, I hurt, I winced, I had flashbacks. I was touched, relieved, lifted, and no longer silent. It was an unexpected renewal. I reported my rape, etc, etc, etc. They never to my knowledge found the rapist. I had treatment. I did it all on my own. Rape was such a silent story 35 years ago. It was worse than the rape. I will watch the film again and again. There is healing to be had anytime in the journey. It felt so good to hear my story and feelings put into words. I never had a voice. This work is critical for prevention/awareness as well as healing in the world for women. I want to talk about my rape now. I tell select friends and people from time to time over the years. No one wants to hear it. I feel like telling everyone now. Much love and life to you and every woman in your film. And all the others that cry with us and have had to continue life with this unfortunate story.

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