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A Child

I was abused as a 7 year old child by my uncle.

It has taken me a along time to get where I am today. He made me touch him, and he touched me. I am now in the process of sending him to prison for what he has done. I will get justice and see this man sent to prison.

I was also regularly raped by my boyfriend of 3 years, when I was 22. He was abusive. He made me think that sex is supposed to be painful. He bruised me and made me bleed almost every time. I am still frightened to tell anyone of this as he was my boyfriend, and although I did not give consent he can just say it was consensual. He took consent because he thought he had a right to.

I used to just lay there and allow him to rape me because I was afraid of what he would do if I said no, he was already aggressive anyway.

Even after the relationship ended, he tried everything to keep power over me. I am now with someone new in my life who is kind and gentle. I now know that sex is not supposed to be painful or aggressive, it is gentle and loving.

I feel that I cannot tell anyone still.

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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