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A Day My Life Changed Forever

It was Thanksgiving Day, 2009. I was going to meet a long time friend. We had known each other for 7 yrs and had been each others support when his sister, my lover had passed away 2 yrs before. I trusted him, he was a green barret soldier, I didn’t have anything to fear meeting him where I was, in military base grounds, alone where I knew no one.

We had our Thanksgiving meal with 3 other soldiers of his unit. I felt tired and was about to head home when I was cornered by one of his friends. I was kind of hearded to a bedroom. I was being pushed and shoved and forced on bed, clothes ripped off by knife point. I was brutally raped, stabbed and tortured. I thought I’m going to die so I shouted all I felt. I pleaded and cursed. I gave upc and someone found me, a military police found my car a visitors registered car I area I wasn’t supposed to be at.

They had a mountain of evidence all four men including my friend had raped me, only one found guilty and sentenced to 5 years. He got paroled at 4 years for good behavior. From this I contracted AIDS. My family didn’t believe me at first, then they wanted me to keep quiet. Think about my grandmas feelings and belief, what will people say. My mom stopped talking to me because I’m not afraid to share my experience to help others, to inspire others.

I went through a lot, but I’m still a positive person. I’ve learned very difficultly how to trust again, and I’m still working on it. You are alway working on trusting people and not making others pay for the rape they didn’t commit against you. It’s not easy, but if we keep silent it will never get better for the future generations.


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