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A Fun Game

I had known this boy since I was a high school freshman and he was a senior. He had always flirted with me a bit before and even kissed me once, but it was never anything serious and I thought it was cool to get attention from an older guy. The night he assaulted me was the week before my junior year started.

He called me and told me he was outside my house and wanted me to join a group of about 15 friends who were getting together to play flashlight tag at the high school that night. I told him I was uncomfortable running around on school property at midnight because I didn’t want to get in trouble right before the year started. He said I didn’t have a choice because he was already waiting in my driveway and that it would lame of me not to go after he drove all this way, besides, it would be a fun game. I got in the car and he immediately began making jokes about how we should skip the game and have sex in his car. I ignored them and tried to talk about the game until we got to the school.

We had been there for almost an hour and everything was good, then my flashlight went out. He found me and told me to stick with him so I wouldn’t be alone in the dark, so I did. Then he told me to follow him to a safe place in the woods behind the school where we wouldn’t be found. I couldn’t run as fast as him so he picked me up and carried me there. I asked him to put me down but he wouldn’t until we were well into the woods and plenty far away from the rest of the group.

We sat down and he told me we had to be very quiet because some of the other boys had been searching in the woods earlier and as long as they didn’t hear us we would be safe. After a couple of minutes he started to say how cold I looked and that I should have brought a jacket. I told him I was fine and I wasn’t that cold, but he made a joke about how he wished he had a jacket to give me and then he took his shirt off and offered me that instead. When I refused to take it he asked why I was being so mean to him and he pushed me back in the dirt and climbed on top of me and started kissing me. I told him I didn’t want to do this here in the woods and he covered my mouth, told me it would just be another fun game, and started unbuttoning my shirt. After he got my shirt open he began undoing his pants and when he moved his hand from my mouth to pull my pants down I was able to push him off of me. I tried to get up but he pulled me back down and I started crying. He finally said “okay, I get it, we won’t do this now.”

I buttoned my shirt back up and he put his clothes back on and I asked if we could rejoin the group. He said first I had to get it together and stop crying. He told me the tears were useless because none of our friends would believe me since he’s four years older than I am and I would sound desperate for attention. I promised not to tell anyone and tried once again to leave. He held me by the arm and said I could not go back until I kissed him once more. I did, and he held me by the hair until he decided the kiss was long enough. I went back to the group and spent the rest of the night as close to other people as I could.

I tried to get a ride home from anyone else but still ended up in his car. On the way home he put his hand between my legs and told me next time I wouldn’t be allowed to say no.

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