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A Fun Night

I was out with my girl friends in a bar where I met this guy from Brazil named Matheus. He introduced himself and asked me for a drink, while chatting he seemed to be interesting and intelligent person. Later we find out that we have a friend in common he was visiting here, to be precise his cousin, who was studying in my city and with whom I was hanging out quite often and going to parties at his place. Matheus said that they are planning a party tonight around midnight and that there should be quite a lot of people around the house. I decided to go to the party as their house was nearby but my friends did not want to, so they stayed in the bar and we made a deal to meet in a few hours in one of the clubs.

This was my mistake. I never thought this guy can cause any harm as I knew his cousin quite well and he was a nice guy so going to their house to a party seemed like a fun way to spend the night.

We got home and there was no one there. I asked where everyone was and got a response that the guys went to buy drinks for the party. It seemed reasonable excuse, so being clueless that nobody is going to come back to the house. I went to the living room and to turn on some music. In a minute Matheus came back from bathroom without his shirt. Seeing this I told him nothing is going to happen and that I want to leave now. So I got up from the couch and went to the door. Which for my bad luck was already locked and the key was nowhere around. The guy came to me and tried to kiss me. I pushed him away and he started insisting even more. After that I went to his cousin’s room and tried to lock the door from inside. Sadly, he was faster than me, and going into a room he just pushed me to the wall holding down my hands and trying to take of my shirt. I tried to fight him, hitting him from all the strength I had and it kept going for around half an hour until and I managed to leave him at least bruised, until I run out of energy and gave up…

Being just a little taller than me he still was way stronger. Next hour he was fucking me in every way he wanted, while I was still trying to resist and asking to let go but it just lead him to more aggression and lust. I waited until he finally had enough and laid down. The thing he said after just killed me. I was getting my clothes back on and he was trying to make me stay next to him and lay down when he asked me: “Why don’t you stay with me? I like to cuddle after sex, don’t you like it?” For him it was a sex game, it was nothing even close to a game for me. I thing he had a thing for harsh sex. And I had several bruises on my hands and back.

I never told it to anyone, not to my friend (his cousin), neither to my girl friends nor to legal institutions. Maybe because I thought in the eyes of police I would just have looked like a bitch who decided to have fun with attractive foreigner and that it is my own fault. On the other hand, I think I didn’t take it as hard as other girls in the same situation and it didn’t traumatized me psychologically. Although, the lesson not to trust anyone was learned, even if it looks reasonable.

— Alex, age 22

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