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A Literal Fight

I finally got the chance, after years, to kick this woman’s ass, once and for all! Ready and worked up, I brought it to an alley behind work!

About a minute later, at least I hope it went over a minute, I was on the ground. My eyes were both swollen, such that I could barely see, as was my lip. My knees were taken out, later determined both sprained, and my left arm was broken. I will have to claim that I have done better.

I was lying on the ground, and her boyfriend came over. He pulled my pants off, climbed on top of me, and raped me. After he finished they left me there, until I could crawl to the sidewalk and someone could see me, and summon medical.

I filed out a report, but it went down as a consensual fight, and the rape was added by the loser, even though no tests were done at the ER.
I don’t know how you feel, but I accept the title of loser in this.

— Emily, age 38

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