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A Private College; A Private Rape

It was in October of my freshman year at college. I majored in Psychology/Sociology and wanted a law degree. I was in Criminology class when I met this guy. He was a “bad boy”; didn’t show up to class that often but wrestled. He grew up in Chicago and had a baby daughter. He was a freshman so he was the “class of 2020” page on Facebook, same as I. He added me and messaged. He gave me his cellphone number and we started talking. It happened the night before Homecoming, so it happened on a Friday. There were parties and people were coming back for the Homecoming events. I stayed in my room because my parents were planning to come the next day early. The guy texted me and said “he was bored”. I invited him over to watch “Criminal Minds” because we were both in Criminology. So, he came over but he was drunk. I thought it was okay because I have been drunk when hanging out with people before. I guess it wasn’t going to be okay with him. We started to make out and he asked to have sex (at least he asked). I thought about it but I ended up saying no. He started pulling off my pants but I said no and that maybe he should leave. He pushed me down on the ground and ripped my pants and underwear off. I turned around trying to get away but he grabbed my neck and started choking me. He had sex with me as I was crying and saying no. He stopped and said I was being annoying. Before he left, he said he would text me. I was left crying and naked. My roommate came in and asked what happened and I told her. She said “okay”. I texted some friends but they said I will be fine and “to get over it”. I fell asleep crying.

The next morning, my parents were texting me to say they were on their way and trying to call me. I eventually just said “I was raped” and they sped on their way over. I showered and tried to shower “him” off of me. My parents came and took me off campus, to get me away from there. They asked me what I wanted to do and I didn’t know what to do.

— Meghan, age 19

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