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A Ruined Life

I was 12 yrs old walking home from a friends house at night I was 2 blocks from my home when a man approached me and asked for a cigarette, I said I dont have one and started to walk a little faster, he then asked if I had a light, and I had only enough time to think why did he need a light if he didn’t have a cigarette, then he put a gun to my head and forced me into a nearby car, he put his jacket over my head still with the gun to it and drove me to a field and raped me, I was a virgin, when he finished he told me to count to 100, I did, I was naked and scared to death that he hadn’t left but when I could finally move I ran to a nearby house, they called the police and my mother met me at the hospital, after they did a rape kit the police officer told my mom he thinks I’m making it up because I had sex. He was never caught, I’ve been raped a couple times since then, I just gave up…….. I’ve been trying to kill the pain ever since. …… I’m just ruined……

— Stacy, age 44


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