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Abused By My Cousin and Uncle

I think growing up, I was sexually assaulted by my my cousin as well as my uncle, but sometimes I often ask myself if it was really sexual abuse OR not. When I was younger, about 7-8 I lived in a house with my mom, aunt, uncle, and cousins. I can’t remember when the odd behavior started, but all I can really remember is how sometimes he would put his crouch up against me, like if I was laying down on my stomach or something, he’d kinda like rub it against my back/butt area. Even one time when I was playing with his sister he would do it, me and her had our faces under the cover, so she couldn’t see it but I knew what was going on. I was just trying to convince myself somehow it was normal. And there was one time where he told me to lay down on my stomach, in the same position as before and he would just lay on top of me. His mom saw it once and told him to get off of me like that. I never told my mom about this behavior. She has no clue he ever did anything like that. I’m not even sure if its considered assault or not, I kinda always just tried to forget about it and say it was nothing, we were just kids. My uncle (my moms brother) always seemed a bit “odd. “n In some sort of way. I remember he would just act kinda odd around me, acting sort of sexual out in the open. Sometimes he would have his penis hanging out of his pants and he KNEW I was there and could see it. He always uses to watch porn when I was around and just didn’t care. Sometimes I think he would talk to me inappropriately and touch me kinda weird. My cousin told my aunt he sexually abused her years ago, and as horrible as this sounds I wasn’t surprised. Its a shame. I honestly thought I was the only one who saw this shady character.

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