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After Wedding

I had attended a friend’s wedding, and with an open bar, I was thoroughly drunk. It was fortunate that they provided a van service home, because I was in no shape to drive!
I got home, changed, and blissfully went to bed.
I awoke to my pajama top open, and my pants were gone!
I cleared enough to see that my Son had arrived after, undressed, forcibly penetrated, and was having intercourse with me while I was unconscious!
“Whoa, Yea, Nice!”, was all he said as he came!
He closed his pants, and left, like it was nothing.

The next morning, he was not even apologetic!
“I was drunk.”, was all he could offer.
I threw him out to live with his girlfriend, and he could get his stuff off the porch, as I changed the locks. Any complaints and I countered with he could be in jail now, so I was being more generous than the chance he gave me! I needed my church for consultation and advice in confidence about such a thing.

Thank you for allowing posts of this nature.
God Bless You(all).

— Elizabeth, age 45

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