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All men are the same

I’m 16 now and it all started when I was 4/5
My dad passed out when I was 4 and my mom start working.I was young and can’t take care of myself therefore my mom always take me at work with her.There was a man at my mom workplace who act really nice with me but when my mom was not around He touch my private part, I was young at that time and don’t have any idea of these type of things..Later my mom marry a man,He was really nice and loving. My mom’s brother also started to live with us And He always make me lay on him and touch me or make me touch his private part ..That time I still don’t have any idea..Later my dear brother born but my step dad leaves us because of an other lady and my mom start to work and My mom’s brother also move out…we take a house on rent, The owner had three sons they were 16,17,19 at that time and I was 7 ..three of them give me candies or things to play and touch my private part or make me to give them a hand-job.They do this for 3years and it become normal for me..I never talk about these things with my mom because she had so much burden on her shoulders and we’re not so close,so i’m shy to tell her..Later we moved to new house and my mom marry a man ..He abused me sexually and my mom see that and take divorce..after 3years when I turned 13/14 my mom marry a man again.He was very nice at first but now he is sexually abusing me ..because of the past I become more shy.I don’t make friends ,I always fake smile,whenever i’m alone I start crying and start hurting(cutting) mom is very sweet n loving but whenever she fight with my step-dad She says really means things to me like (go fuck with him/I know he wanna fuck you/when i’ll die then you can marry him) ….These things are breaking me apart ..This is my first time to share this..No One knows about these things I never ever share my personal things with anyone because i’m scared.No matter if its my mom or my bestfriend I’m scared to trust them because whenever I trust someone I broke more..there are so many sexual abuses happens to me that I don’t/can’t mention..sometimes I try to kill myself but always stop because I’m scared..I can just hope to god that everything will be okay soon….


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