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Almost Does Not Count

It all started with just an half of day at school and my friend invited me over so we can work on a school project. But what I didn’t know when I got there she had her boy cousin, my best friend that was a boy and also an associate friend that was a boy. This is why I think it was my fault. I started to dance on the associate boy. His name can be Brian. Brian led me to the bathroom and I thought we were just going to continue dancing. But he started to aggressively take my clothes off and his off. Somehow we fell and ended up on the floor . I was crawling while he was dragging me further in the bathroom. i was screaming out and all I saw was my best friend and the other boys just looking at me about to get raped. I said no I do not want to have sex with you. I was a virgin and he knew that. He said you are going to have to lose it someday. But I knew not like this. We tumbled and rolled around, I was not giving up fighting. This went on for the longest 40 mins of my life. I finally broke away, and I started walking home. Can you believe my best friend cousin had the nerve to walk with me and ask about me going out with him. Right after he just seen me about to get raped. There was no penetration so it was not rape, just attempted. But I dont know why I feel so bad about this incident that happened 6 years ago, almost does not count right?

— Survivor, age 22

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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