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Am i being raped?

My married was in trouble.. When my high school friend asked me to meet him, i agreed. We talked, went for beers and he brought me to some club and he end up holding my hands and hug me and drive me home. Tried to kiss me but i pulled him away because i stil can think clearly. I felt happy, guilty being wanted which i didnt feel for a quite long time.
So the next day when he asked to see me again, i agreed. We went to his apartment but all i wanted to do is to be with him, nothing more. Then he started to kiss me, and ask for sex. I told him no because i have a husband. One thing led to another and all of the sudden he started to undress me.. My lips said no repeatedly but i did nothing. And we did it.
My mind messed up afterwards, what did i do? I cheated on my husband, i should’ve scream or pull him harder but i didn’t.. I enjoyed being with him but i don’t want the sex.. What happened to me?


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