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Am I Wrong?

Today was a regular day. I went to school and came home. My best friend came over after school and then we were going to head back to school to go to our after school club, however it was canceled . So we went to the footfall field instead, and our guy friend was there. He said he wasn’t going to practice because he was too tired and that he was going home He asked us to come with him since we had nothing to do. So we go and watch orange is the new black but then he starts touching me and I’m like “stop ..” And my best friend is just laughing. He then grabs me and holds me down trying to kiss me. He is much bigger than I am so he overpowered me, but ultimately he let go because I was resisting. After a few minutes he tried to touch me again and at this point I’m really annoyed so he leaves me alone. He then goes on top of my best friend who seems to be enjoying it. Touching her all over and I didn’t know what to do. I was trying to remove him from her instead of just watching like she did. Eventually they get into his room, we were in the living room before. I creep up to the door and see he is trying to remove her pants so I go in and try to pull him off of her but she’s laughing if it is a joke. I go “I’m going to leave you guys alone ” and try to sit in the living room but then my best friend says “you have to join in ” and I’m like “no I can’t ..I really don’t want to …no” but my guy friend drags me into the room…after running and hiding and they both force me to take part in there twisted sexual fantasies. I felt disgusting and uncomfortable, I wanted to leave but I didn’t want to leave my best friend alone .


  • Amy
  • Alissa Ackerman


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