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Hollywood’s Lost Angels

I was a starving actress in Los Angeles, trying to break into the world of movies and television. Like many other girls I was lured into the glamour and mystery of the Hollywood mansion parties. I was befriended by a famous in the 90s kid celebrity named “Gorey Peldman” who pushed drugs onto me and other women which turned into orgies with strange men watching who I’ve now heard rumors paid him to view. He kept convincing us that it was ok to be one of his 5 girlfriends and that his special celebrity only lube worked as a liquid condom which would protect you against all stds. As long as he kept giving us drugs (mdma, molly, heavy pain killers) we were inclined to believe him.

This man has prayed on many young girls new to Hollywood who just wanted to believe in a dream. He calls himself a sexual assault victim for attention from the media, but he in reality is the predator. More women would share the same or similar stories if they were not afraid or ashamed by what they “allowed” him to do to them or forced them to do while under the influence of drugs he pushed onto them.

I’ve lived with the shame and the memories, attempted suicide multiple times, and undergone psychiatric therapy as a result of these experiences. It’s taken me years to gain my confidence and health back and live a normal life. Fortunately there is hope, but there is still a lot of pain and regret. I feel like it’s my fault for being naive and believing in this man. I actually thought I was in love with him which I later realized was a result of the drugs.

His name isn’t really Gorey Peldman.
One of his Angels


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