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Anywhere I Go

I was just 9 when my father abused me sexually, emotionally and hurt me physically. I got my periods when I was 8 years old. My parents kept me away from my relatives and specially they never let me go outside unless to go to school and tuition. So I did not have much friends and cousins to talk to. It all started after my dad knew that I got period. He came to my bedroom when everybody slept. After that night he blackmail me no to tell mother or he will kill her. I got scared and tolerated his heartless acts. After 5 years father and mum got divorced and I went with my mum. This is not the only story. I started a new life with my mum.. I was happy to be free from him. However the one who I got into a relationship started abusing me while he knew what happened to me. I broke up with him and tried to be with another guy. But he also after knowing my story started abusing me. thankfully I was brave enough to break with him too and went to another island. I never told anyone my childhood story. But one day my twin sister (who knew my story) told the police because my mother was going to marry my father again. She was trying to stop her but I was questioned by people and everyone thought that I was lying. Nobody believed me. I entered high school and got to go through a lot of hard time. The story went wild all over the atoll. People called me slut . I did not listen to them and studied hard . when one day a young man called me and said that he knows my story but he wants to get into a relation .. I thought that this guy is that one I expected too much. I’m now 19. we’d been together for 3 years. he did not abuse me sexually. but he abused me emotionally. I am not a survivor… I need help. Everything I do goes wrong. my decisions aren’t correct. I’m going through depression.

— Aisha


  • Alissa Ackerman
  • Chandan - India
  • Crystal


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