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April 2015

I just turned 13,and I was a virgin.I planned to go my boyfriends house with my best friend to drink and a few of his friends were there too and before I got inside one of the guys there texted my friend saying that her boyfriend is “trynna fuck” but we went anyways and we got in we went to sit down and then he went to go get me and my friend a drink and he would take so long and when I drank the drink (that was vodka mixed with jus) he would laugh and I knew something wasn’t right but he blamed the laughing on the alcohol then we chugged 2 more drinks when he went to get another one he took so long and he’s friend kept touching my body but the alcohol and my boyfriend put in my drink set in and I couldn’t move I lost all control and my boyfriend ended kicking him out and then I don’t remember anything for hours but I was vomiting and passing friend was going to bring me to the bathroom to change my clothes but my boyfriend wanted to and I asked him for sex and he had sex with me on the bathroom counter which led to me giving him oral but it was like an out of body experience and that’s something I wouldn’t ever ask to do,I couldn’t consent . I only have a second flash of it happening but it was terrifying because I didn’t go home so everyone thought I was missing and I had bruises all let my legs in rows and my friend told me I fell a lot because I could barely stand or walk so that’s probably why But i think something else happened. I could have died I was passed out a lot it was an overdosefrom ghb and alcohol.

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  • David Faul


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