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My friend had a brother who had a friend. I was only ten, he was already a teen. He was a jerk att first. One day, he pulled me aside to ask a question. Did I want to have sex wit him? I said no, and returned to my friend. She did not believe me. The whole day, he tried to touch me in inappropriate ways, he tried to remove my clothing, he tried to ask for sexual favors, and he kissed me and other stuff. He raped me later on. I was ashamed. He said he would kill me if I told. He tried to flirt with me on several occasions, but I was too scared to acknowledge him. The worst part was, my friend took his side. I did not talk wit her for a year after. All through the rest of elementary, I was severely bullied and considered suicide. They put me in a counseling program. Me and my ‘friend’ are no longer friends. And the guy who violated me? I have not seen him for many years now, and I hope it stays that way.

— Aurora, age 14

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