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At 13

My boyfriend and I had been going out for 7 months, and though he often asked for sexual favors I never really thought anything would happen if I kept saying no.

I guess I was wrong.

One day at school, him and some larger other boy who I guess was his friend pushed me into the women’s bathroom. It was a staff bathroom, so kids weren’t allowed in it and you could lock the door. The other kid left as soon as I was inside. My boyfriend called me a nasty slut, pulled my hair so my head was forced against the wall, and made me give him a blow job. I kept saying, “Make it stop, make it stop,” but no one came to save me. He was only 14. How the hell could he be so young and already so terrible?!?! Regardless, when he was done, I went back to class and didn’t tell anyone.

I’m afraid no one will believe me, so I haven’t told anyone yet. This happened only a few months ago. I’m still 13, but less innocent.

— Sarah, age 13


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