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At the Movie’s

We were into each other. I thought. We were “talking” for about a month until we decided to go on a date. Although we were only talking for a month, we were freshman in high school and curious. Our texts got a little sexual at times. But that was all. In school we would talk and sit next to each other, never anything weird. Then the day of the movie came, and the question came in a text form: “Are we gonna do anything tonight?”
The question lingered for a moment, then my response, “nothing too crazy”
The following texts were questions like, “What can I do?”, “What will you do?”, “How far can I go?”
Through the texts I stuck to my ground, I told him I didn’t want to do anything more than a little outside touching. He said that was fine, and that he respected how I felt. Shortly after, we met at the movie theater. I don’t remember what movie we saw. The first 20(ish) minutes of the movie was okay, holding hands and watching it. Then he turns to me and kisses me. I kiss back and we start to make out. We stop for a bit and then start again. His hands started moving around my body, (I was wearing a skirt), around my legs and he tried up my shirt, but I started to move away from him. He asked me what was wrong, and I told him I didn’t want him to go any further than the outside.
A little while went on and we began kissing again, his hand went up my skirt, under my underwear and inside of me. I grabbed his arm and told him to stop. He wouldn’t. He told me to shut up and not make a scene. I kept trying to push his arm and hand away but I was too weak. It hurt. He made me bleed. I was scared and silent. If I made a scene he would have stopped.

— Mariah, age 17


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