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Attempt to Rape

It was 4 years ago. I was 15 then. M from a place Where rape,harassment is no big deal, people really think girls as sex material that’s all. I had a boyfriend then. I bunked my classes n went out with him. There was a train station. In that area there were some burnt train compartments where nobody ever goes. I went there with him. I didn’t know what his intentions were. I didn’t know about that anything like that could happen to me. He kissed me. That was d first time ever. Then v heard people coming towards us. If they would have seen us then that would have been a problem. So he suggested to get off from two different gates before anybody comes. He got off when I turned back that compartment was completely burnt. I couldn’t reach another gate since it was burnt. 4 men came. Two of them held each of my hands. One of them was standing just in front of me. Then one was at d gate. They started touching me slapping me tore off my top. They pulled me. They threw me on to d floor. Then my bf came back. He saw what was happening. That area is normally in police patrol for fixed hours. V pleaded them to let me go. I cried like hell. Although they didn’t rape me but I was badly hurt. V got off from there. I never told my parents about it because I know they would stop my education n would get me married somewhere or might kill me also. I was torn. Then I came to know that guy cheated on me. He kept asking for sex and I kept on denying. There are very few people who know about this. Some of them don’t seem to care also. M in a relationship. He knows about this. But treats me as if he is doing some favor on me by staying with me after all that. Do I really deserve this? All those things keep coming back to me. I feel so lonely. There’s no one I could talk to About this. There’s no more story. The story is of my best friend. She was very ill. She was admitted to hospital. She was in icu. She got harassed by the compounder there. She knew he is doing something wrong to her but couldn’t scream resist or call anyone. She told her parents. Then she opened to me. I couldn’t do anything for her. I feel so terrible. I feel so lonely.

— Survivor, age 19


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