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Awareness Among Teenage Boys

I recently watched the Brave Miss World movie with my teenage sons who are 13, 14 and 16 as I thought they needed to see it. Their reactions ranged from anger to horror to outright indignation about what happens regarding rape and sexual assault.

I am very open with my boys about a range of issues but even I was surprised by their reactions. After the movie there have been many discussions and questions from the boys and I know they are discussing the movie with their friends and really want it shown at their school.

I really encourage all parents to get their teenagers to watch this movie to raise awareness and to also talk to local high schools to try and host a viewing.

If we really want to change the way people think about sexual abuse then I believe that we can help the next generation by getting our kids and our friends kids to watch this movie with their parents and friends and to TALK ABOUT THE ISSUE openly.

I was abused at the age of 14 by my then boyfriend and I never told anyone until I was nearly 30 as I thought people would blame me as it happened in his home. I often think about it and wonder if he went on to commit more crimes against women or even his own children. If we can empower teenagers to speak up and also get the teenage boys passionate about this issue then maybe we can start winning this battle. We need to teach the boys that they also have the right to say no…. to peer pressure and going along with the group if it is wrong.

I was surprised that my sons had no idea about many of the things discussed in the movie as I am very open with them about a lot of issues. It made me think that if my boys were ignorant of the facts when we talk openly about anything then what are other boys ignorant about when they don’t discuss things openly at home. Lets get the word out there amongst our teenage children and grandchildren and get this movie into schools.

— Joy, age 54

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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