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My husband was sexual abused by his babysitter and her boyfriend in 1971, he was 4 years old. His mother, a divorcee, had a list of sitters she used. She worked odd hours and partied a lot. It just so happens that the list of sitters, their boyfriends and male/female peers ran in the same social circle.

In time, the sitter and her boyfriend let on to the others and soon, they all were “taking turns”. The abuse included: Fondling; Molestation; Oral; Ingestion or “clean-up of ejaculates; Sodomy; Exhibitionism; Voyeurism; Forced submission; Forced reciprocation, etc…

The abuse stopped in 1979, as he was old enough to stay home by himself.

This took place in the rural Midwest. No one ever questioned or suspected and he never told. His abusers lived within a 1-mile radius of his childhood home and attended the local high school. 2 of the sitters, their boyfriends and families, lived on my his street. Four teenage pedophiles living on the same street, dating each other and babysitting the neighborhood’s grade-school children.


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