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Be Careful Who U Trust

Well this took many years to completely except but lets start from the beginning.

Hi I’m 29 year old female from Ontario, Canada. I have been sexually assaulted once and raped twice. My first experience was at 16. I was on my first date with b.f at the time we were sitting at the local Robins donut at this the when a 49 year old man came and sat with us. My date was talking to him the time and I was sitting in the sit next to the man. As they continue the conversation the man turn to me in front of my date and said I was a beautiful young women. I thanked him then all of shouldn’t his foot started raising up my leg. I thought it was accident so I just moved over. Then he pushed closer and placed his hand on my lap. I jumped out of my seat and ask him if he wanted a coffee. I did not go back. Then told my date after the fact. We called the cop went to court and he got a slap on the hand.

Then when I was 18 I was babysitting for a friend of the family. The kids were in bed sleeping. I was cleaning the house when I heard a knock at the door. It was a friend of mine ask a a favor of me her b.f at the time need a place to sleep. He was drunk and she didn’t want him to drive. She told me she was gonna stay buy ended up leaving. As soon as she walk away I tried to continue cleaning. When all of should came up behind me started grabbing me trying to put his hand down. I pushed him off of me and try to run away. He pulled my hair and told me he had a knife. He pushed me up on the end of the couch pulled my pants down and whispered in my ear u scream your died. After he was finished or so I thought I pulled my way up the couch. He grabbed my hips and raped me again. Once he was finished the second time I fell to my knee and just cried.

The third time this it was almost a year since the last. I was 19 years old I was so depressed at this point I felt like I was failed by the system. On the anniversary of my last rape I was drinking. I had a lot to drink that night. I confided in a family friend think I could get some confront. He began kissing me. I told him to stop. He began putting his hand down my pants I froze and just let him have his way with me. It been ten years seen this last rape. I have been to counsellor and counsellor until I found one that fit me and I’m glad I did. They have given me the strength I needed to move on from this attack and thank them each and everyday. Once u find your counsellor never let them go. Things my get hard but have faith in yourself. Be strong u’ll come out in the end.

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