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Be Careful Who You Trust

The first time I was raped was my sophomore year of high school. After a football game at an after party. I was having fun with a group of friends when I got a migraine so I went to find ibuprofen. My friend said he had some in his room and told me to go help myself when I walked in the room there was a guy in there so I grabbed the ibuprofen and went to leave when a second guy pushed me into the room and locked the door. I didn’t know what to do and froze. The next thing I knew was I was pushed on the bed with my dress ripped up the front. The guys took turns having sex with me and when that wasn’t enough they decided to one would have sex while the other did anal. I stayed there still not knowing what to do. After it all happened I just payed there and cried until everyone had left. I later found out that the “friend” that told me where the ibuprofen sent up the one guy to have sex with me. After that day my life was changed. I didn’t let anyone in to my life until my senior year. I started dating a guy and everything was going great until I wouldn’t have sex with him. That’s when he started raping me every night. This went on for almost two years not only did he rape me he was physically and mentally abusive. I lost count of how many times it had happened. I haven’t had the courage to tell anyone about any of this.

— Emily, age 19


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