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It was near a year ago. It was my close friend’s birthday and we all ended up at his friends house for a party. We were all drunk, happy, just having fun. I needed the bathroom and he was looking for something in it as I had known him forever. I was covered and I decided to pee. After, he tried kissing me and locked the door. I told him to stop and to open it, but he just kept going.

In the end, he raped me. I decided to run outside to get home. I got home and I was covered in bite/teeth marks, bruising and a cut lip. My mum took me to the police station and after statements, I was put in a mental hospital for suicide watch as they didn’t trust me cause I was so upset.

He denied everything and said it was consensual. He is free and living a few streets away from me. He gets freedom and I was stuck in hell, but I refuse to let him win. I’m currently going to marry my best mate and soul mate in one and have a family. I still get flashbacks but I’m stronger than ever and he will not break me!


  • MG
  • Alissa Ackerman


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