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Raped at a Birthday Party

I was 15 when it happened. I had been invited to a friend’s birthday party at her house. It was held in the large garden outside. I went in to go to the bathroom and went I came back out, he was there, waiting for me.

At first, I thought he needed the toilet, but he grabbed me by my throat and dragged me to the nearest bedroom. I tried to fight back, but he pulled me by my hair and smashed my head into the bedpost. Dazed and semi-conscious, I tried to kick him away from me, but he just reached down and choked me. Flipping me over, grabbing my legs and using his arm as support, he made me kneel, and he took me from behind.

I remember screaming, and I begged him to stop. I also remember not being able to breathe properly because he had clamped his hand over my mouth to stifle my screams. I recall feeling something hot run down my legs and realizing that it was blood. I passed out before he was done, and when I came to, he was already gone and had just thrown my clothes on top of me.

I left the party quietly, and walked back to my house in the dark, for once, not caring about my safety.

It’s been 2 years, and almost every night I have the same nightmare, where I wake up and I expect to see him hovering over me. I’ve been too afraid to tell anyone what happened, but now that I have, I can start to heal.


  • Alissa Ackerman
  • Lila Montoya


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