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Boyfriend Hell

When I was 20 years old I was dating someone I met offline. I would go to his place every other weekend. We’ll the one time I went his him, his friend, and i were all hanging out till about 12 midnight. I got up to go to the bedroom to change i had my shirt off when he came in. He acted all nice to me before walking up to me. He then pulled my shorts down to my ankles and started raping me. I wished it would be over soon 20 minutes later he stopped. Walked out and locked the door not even a minute later he walked in saw me pulling my shorts up grabbed me by the back of my hair hair saying that he wasn’t done with me only to throw me down on my stomach. He continued to rape me for another 40-45 minutes. I bled for three months after that not telling anyone. Today My boyfriend, sister, and father knows. I have not told my mother because when my sister told her about being molested not only did she blame my sister but she continued to take us kids back to the house where my sister got molested where the same man who did it lived with his kids.


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