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This happened to me last year (2016). At the time I was going through a messy divorce (I had been married for 11 years) and met a guy. At first he was very sweet, funny, and charming. He saw how much I was hurting over my divorce and cheered me up many times. Everything was going great we were in love. But slowly over time I started to notice he was an alcoholic and started doing drugs he also started verbally abusing me. I know I should have walked away and ended the relationship at that time, but I really loved him and didn’t want another relationship of mine to fail. Over the next few months, he would physical hurt me while having sex he would bite and scratch me no matter how many times I would beg him to stop. Many times he would leave bruises all over me from biting me. At one point I remember we were having sex and he tried to have anal sex with me I told him it hurt and to stop and he continued to put his fingers in my anus. I remember the pain I felt and begging him to stop. On New Years Eve we got into a huge fight. At this point, he was already abusing me verbally, mentally and physically. I remember him choking me and shoving me to the ground. I left his house that night and the next day I was covered in bruises from the assault. I know I should have called the police and press charges but I was scared and felt it was my fault for what happened. I’m deeply sadden that he would hurt me like this. I also know I’m not the only one he has hurt other women.

— Survivor, age 32


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