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Bullied for Reporting Sexual Assault

I was sexually assaulted in school in a home economics class during a teacher demonstration by 2 fellow students. The 2 attackers were one of the popular kids in school even among the teachers. The first thing that hit me was shock. I never thought this would ever happen to me, you hear about it all the time but you never think it will ever happen to you. I almost ran back and saw their faces just laughing. I was so mortified and scared my whole face just turned super red and I began crying not even realizing it. A teacher saw me run back and I reported to one of my supervisors. I regret crying, I wish I could have said something or even shouted at them. I felt so weak and vulnerable. I didn’t know what to do, what can you do in this situation? Reporting sexual assault on someone who was incredibly popular meant everyone turned on me. A girl who was I thought was my friend stopped talking to me. I remember coming into class late because I had t o report it and everyone knowing what happend and them just staring at me. I went to talk to her about what happend because I was really upset. She really was just not supportive at all. I told her as if it was the craziest that ever happend to me(it was) talking for 5 minutes straight telling her everything. After I finished she said nothing. I asked her what she thought. She replied giving the most straightest face ever saying ‘you should not of told’. I looked at her almost crushed that someone I thought was my closest friend wouldn’t be upset this happend to me especially as a girl herself. I later found out she really wanted to be their friends so she stopped talking to me. It worked they really liked her after she turned on me and she ignored me for a year even though we sat next to each other. It was very awkward. Only a few times when I guess when the attacker in my class wasn’t looking she would just stare super creepily. I never wanted to talk to her. I didn’t say anything and just carried on as normal. I told one of my other friends who thankfully encouraged me to speak up. But she found it difficult as well because this person really was very nice to her (never to me obviously). Later in college, they became close and I eventually stopped talking to her. The worst part was the whole class stopped talking to me. I remember just being super alone in class. The school did not deal with it properly and I remember that one of the popular guys ended up chatting up a supervisor and she began believing him over me that I was just paranoid. It was not reported to the police, the attackers were not punished or even removed from my class. They were only given a detention. A week after the assault, no one spoke to me and I had lost friends who believed that sexual assault is no big deal and shouldn’t be reported because that would make me unpopular. I had 2 sit next to one of the guys only a few days after. He knew what he did was wrong. He always looked at me sorrily and tried to talk to me a few times I presume to say sorry. When he did this I was always very disgusted and refused to talk to him
The other person bullied me to the point where they made my life a living hell. They ended up moving out of town a few months later. But I was still bullied. I remember 5 years later I was on a bus when I was in college, one of the kids from that horrible class who never once spoke to me for 6 years I had been in school decided to tell some random people who didn’t even know me that I almost got his friend suspended from school. They called me quiet and swore at me a few times to each other. I thought they were so stupid. Defending their sexual offender friend even admitting I told the truth. Even though at times I really regretted telling, I am now at a point where I feel so happy I told. It means that I can now stand up for others and it taught me never to let go of what I know to be right and wrong. I thought of getting up from the bus and leaving but I stayed and sat because I will not let them control me.

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