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Bus Ride Of Missing Hope

When Ii finally told someone, no one believed me. He was the good kid in class. They said he not like that. It was after school in 5th grade we had a sub bus driver because ours just had surgery. I was sitting in my set when I felt someone touch me. I looked over and saw him sitting there. He kissed me. I just let that go until he said he wanted to please me. I got real scared because at the time I didn’t know what he meant.

As time went passed, he started rubbing and fingering me. Only stopping when someone went to get off the bus. On the weekends, he made me come over so he could keep doing while he made me jerk him off. It didn’t help that he lived 3 houses down from me. It didn’t stop until he moved. Every time I bring it up, he’s always there glaring at me. Once he told them that I begged for it. It took me a year before I could tell anyone. I was 11 then…I’m only 15 now.


  • Alissa Ackerman
  • Alisha


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