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By my friend

I was hanging with my friend from school. We are both in a mainstream learning disabled program. We were in my room playing a console game. He was excited as he won fight after fight.
Without any warning, he threw me down on the rug, and removed my sweat pants. I didn’t think that he was excited in that way, nor what was actually happening, until he entered me. I screamed for him to stop and get off me, though he didn’t until the end.
In our classes, we often have to deal with others emotional outbursts. I was in utter shock myself.
I composed myself, and told him what he did, mostly the way he did was wrong, and if he did it to someone else, he could go to jail. I was his friend, so I wouldn’t call it, but he had to go, and he couldn’t call me or come over anymore. He left without a problem.

I wasn’t thinking about anything. I had to clean the rug before my parents got home. I put my clothes in the washer, but there was no reason. I needed a shower. I got done and looked at myself in the mirror, and it was then that I started crying.

I told my mother I felt female ill, and went to bed. Instead I went online and checked into support groups, including those on your site. There is one in school. I must have started email or chat with friends over a dozen times, though deleted each, not wanting my friends to know. I actually still don’t weeks later, but I can be passive, and if they find your site, I have to be honest.
Thank you.

— Ellen, ag3 15

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