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Can’t Even Take My Medicine

My freshman year of high school, I was 15. Everyone wanted to date a upperclassman and I got the chance to be one of those people. It all started off with meeting him and him begging me to go to the movies where he told me his story, including that he was 17. After months of getting to know him, my family and I started to trust him to the point where they left us alone. Also at this time of meeting this boy, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. My doctors wanted to preform surgery before it got worse.

But continuing to the story, after my surgery he came over where my parents asked him to take care of me while they get some rest.. Oh he for sure took care of me… I may have been on morphine and oxycodine but I remember everything. I still get dreams about it. The funny thing about this story is, I thought I loved him. So, I never told my parents until 2 years after my father and brothers beat him up for lying about his age by 4 years.

To this day, at the age of 19, I still will not take medications that drug me even a tad bit, and on this day exactly 4 years ago, is the day he did this to me.


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