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Charity is it’s own reward

I was talked into taking the cousin of a friend to a school dance. He was short, homely, awkward, and basically the stereotype nerd out of all the B teen movies. In those, it always turns out she loves him by the end, but this wasn’t a movie.
Counting the minutes until the end, I wanted to walk home. He insisted on walking me to keep me safe from attackers. I figured he wanted a kiss goodnight, and was trying to figure if it was easier talking my way out of it, or choke it back.
He could barely keep up, and I had to keep slowing to let him catch up. It was barely around the corner, when he put me in choke hold, and pulled me between a house and a garage! I was almost unconscious as he partially undressed me! I could not catch my breath as he was lying on top of me, and it was mid coitus he declared it was the only way he could get (sex), and before he finished, I let myself pass out.
He had gone back, and told people I walked away from him, and he went home. When I awoke, I don’t know if I was embarrassed at what he did, being so vulnerable, or just dirty as a whole. I went home, and kept it to myself.
I had let him get away with it, expecting that to be the end of it. I had bad dreams, gained weight, I could not accept a blind date, and when I was about to go into bed with a man, it rarely went through for a few times. The idea of over with the activity has no concept of the aftermath. I don’t know when or if, it will be over.

— Survivor, age 20

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