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Child on Child Sexual Abuse

Our son was sexually abused by an older male cousin at the age of 5. We only knew there had been inappropriate behavior on Christmas Day in 1995, when our son (age 8) at the time, told us of an incident when this same older male cousin pinned him up against an outdoor shed at my husband’s parents’ house while they were playing hide and seek.

Suppressed memories started coming back to him, in March of 2011, of two prior incidents that occurred. The first at age 5 while all the grandchildren were at an elementary school playground no far from grandma and grandpa’s house. The 2nd time in their basement in Christmas Day in1994.

Our son was saved at a young age, but he has so much anger toward God now.

We homeschooled both our children, so I want to make others aware. There is no place safe for children. We must be sure that adult supervision takes place at even the times one would consider to be safe.


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